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ABTOONS(genero invertido) es una version invertida del angry birds toons normal.

1ª Temporada[]

Suzy Time

Where's my little crown

Full metal Suzy

Another Girl Birthday

Eggs Sounds

Piglette Talent

CorBomb Bleugh

True Blue,or Piglette undercover?


Off Duty,Girls

Slingshot 101...¡PIGLETTES!

Thunder Suzy

Terence:The parasol

Mission improbable

The Queen Pig Trojan Egg

The double take of one bomb

Crash test piglettes

Female Pig and his luck

Mini-sneezy does it

Run Suzy Run

Hypno Piglettes

Girl egg day out

Gatecrasher Suzy

Bristle Roast

The Slut that cried Piglette

Scape of a girl

Green piglette soup

Fisherwoman of the day

Sleepy Terence

Piglette wig

Piglette plot potion

The night of the living piglette

Clash of chillis



  • Lucy (Representa a Red)
  • Los Blues
  • Suzy(Representa a Chuck)
  • Matilda y Bomb (Uno representa al otro)
  • Terence
  • Stella (Representa a Bubbles )(Solo aparece en The night of the living piglette)
  • Minion Piglettes (Representan a los Minion Pigs)
  • Cabo Cerdito
  • Female Pig de hogs and Kisses (Representa al Cerdo Capataz)
  • Queen Pig (Representa a King Pig)
  • Female Fat Pig (Representa al porkador)
  • Ziglettes (Representan a los Zigs)
  • Huevos
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