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me committing terrorism on the homeless man in my yard

I used to tickle my pickle to Angry Birds.[]

Terrence by brunomilan13-da14142

When I was about 13, I loved angry birds, I had every game all the way to angry Birds seasons and HD and I had every toy and merchandise they had at the store, I was playing angry birds and then all of a sudden Terence showed up and turned me on. I COULDN’T STAND IT, I WAS GOING CRAZY. I DECIDED TO PUL OUT MY BIG PICKLE AND START STRANGLING IT, I had never felt so good, I soon continued to do this daliy and never got bored of it, I soon decided to hump my Terence plush and strangle my pickle to my computer, merchandise and phone, I’m glad to still admit I still do this today and I’m never embarrassed and giving up

PLEASE be aware of rampant misinformation on social media! You don't want to end up like me....

somebody took advantage of my kindness today when they sent me a link to donate to a GoFundMe for their young child with a skull deformity. I decided that as the financial quarter was ending, I could afford to donate a couple hundred dollars. It turns out the baby wasn't even real! it was just a photoshopped image of the baby from FAMILY GUY!!! I learned that not only was my money not going to a sick child, but it was also going to a scammer!!

Oh well... At the end of the day, I tried to do something good. Allah knows my intentions, and I will NEVER stop trying to help the less fortunate in this world - a principle we should ALL live by.

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when she sucking your nuts and you a gangsta

when she sucking your nuts and you a gangsta