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8-bit Angry Birds is a game created by Rovio in 2013, the game is a retro / pixel demake of the first Angry Birds game, which changes the graphics and sounds and physics of the original version.


The game only includes the original four levels in the Angry Birds Classic app:

  • "Poached Eggs"
  • "Mighty Hoax"
  • "Danger Above"
  • "The Big Setup"

Compared to the original version, many golden eggs emplacements have been replaced and changed due to the console limitation that can be similar to a retro console.

A button system with the regular A,B - Start - Select - D.PAD buttons have been added to the game, in order to emulate it like a retro console. The player can now plug in a joystick to play the game.

  • The D.PAD Serves for the angle of the slingshot. In the menu, it is for the level select and the options
  • A is for launching the bird to the air, and to accept, in the menu screen.
  • B is for the bird's power, and to go back, in the menu screen.
  • START is for the pause menu, and for the start menu to go to the options.
  • In pause menu, SELECT is for choosing the options.