very little is known about him. Accept he is 9000 years old. it is known that pigs never stop growing. due to him being 9000 years old he grew huge, he still is afraid of Mega Giant Bird as anyone would be but a massive feat for the pig kind is how big he got even bigger than neptune without any mutations and just purely naturally.

Why He Didn't Die

unlike most pigs, he rebelled but this "hogcot" was shut down. by king pigs (great x4000) dad. and was hunted down by his minions, unlike most old things in general. his eyes arent nearly shut due to him being very alert since he was being hunt down all those years ago, he also couldnt find any clippers to cut his beard. He is now very respected among the pig community, from his size & age and king pig is afraid of him since he could kill him easily.

Strange Things you Might not Have Noticed

on his eyebrows you can see extra black on it. you might think its just shading but no, its scars from spears that barely missed his eyes. and he has slightly darker green skin unlike, most older pigs he got darker instead of paler, strange isnt it?


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