This is a tribute to Comboluigi2000!

Finally, Mattel teams up with Rovio again to make the 2019 sets. Mattel made many sets on different games like Stella, Seasons, Rio, Space, Blues, and even the movies. But we are focusing on the ABU sets

There are many sets and Character Paks

Character Paks

These packs have one bird/pig and 5 blank cards


Examples of Character Paks

Sets and Advent calendars

Sets are packs that have 20 cards, 2 birds, 4 or 5 pigs, and an assortment of blocks, girders, shapes, and accessories

Advent Calendar

Advent Calendars are calendars with doors with a figure or a blank card and on the 25th door, you'll get the exotic SPOILERS!!

Advent U

The Advent Calendar itself


An example of a set



The Super-Mega-Hyper-Nitro-Ultra-Collasal build up *ARCADE EDITION*

The Super-Mega-Hyper-Nitro-Ultra-Collasal build up *ARCADE EDITION* is the Ultimate set. EVERYONE IS HERE (sorry for using a dead meme). This has the most Birds, Pigs, blocks, an assortment of accessories, and 2 slingshots. This is the most expensive set for a whopping $68.27.

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