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ANGRY FORTRESS 2 is an Angry Birds version of the granddaddy to all class based MMOs Team Fortress 2. It is made by valve and Rovio entertainment. It took SEVEN YEARS to make.


There was this guy called zephina birdd who owned birdd and sons co. (now mann co.) During his last will that he wrote he gave half of his land to his twin sons birdmond and pigtarch, these brothers hated each other, so both hired nine mercinarys and so engaged an endless war. In the summer 1960's (40 years later.) birdmon and pigtarch are dieing, so pigtarch told redagan connagher to build a life extending machine, later an unknown stranger (possibly on birdmonds side) offers austrailium to redagin to build another. They hire nine more mercinarys, with the administraitor watching theyer every move, and with eagle hale owning mann co. These mercinarys are The Heavey weapons guy, the Engineer, the Demoman, the Scout, the Pyro, the Spy, the Sniper, the Medic, and the Soilder.

In the future birdmond and pigtarch had a meeting they were dieing quickly so they decided to make a pregnacey machine so they would continue the war, but then a starnger called grey birdd killed the gaurds and talked to the brothers. He tells them that he's theyer long lost brother, he could talk as a newborn and was abducted by an eagle during th great eagle scourge. he then kills his brothers and targets mann co. Eagle hale has found out that grey birdd is targetting mann co. with robots, so miss pauling (helen the administrators assistant) calls in red and blu team to help save mann co. Eagle hale tells them they have a new job "KILL ROBOTS!" So they head to mann co. they have won the war against robots.

More plot coming soon!! (If valve adds more story)


Blue Bird - Scout

Red Bird- Solder

Black Bird - Pyro

White Bird - Demoman

Big Brother Bird - Heavey

Orange Bird - Engineer

Mighty Eagle - Medic

Yellow Bird - Sniper

Boomerang Bird - Spy

Character bios coming soon!!!!