This is the 4th Episode of Angry Birds Ninja - TV.


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  • Red Bird: Ok, here are the rules.
  1. Always follow me
  2. Don't stop moving
  3. Don't eat...unless you dropped your lunch.
  4. Don't run
  5. If you see something weird, don't stop and look at it. Remember it, tell me
  6. Most importantly, NEVER HELP OTHER BIRDS!
  • Red Bird: Each of you will have one of these. (Give paper with rules on)
  • Yellow Bird: What about the lunch rule?
  • Red Bird: It is important (to us Birds) that we quickly eat our food if it gets dirty or something. That way, the dirt does not ruin our food. Anyway, we like worms, so dirt is ok when it did not ruin the food's taste.
  • Yellow Bird: Ok.
  • (10 hours of walking later...)
  • Ninja Bird: Ohhh...
  • Yellow Bird: What's wrong?
  • Ninja Bird: I need food.
  • Yellow Bird: (Sees leaves) Here you go.
  • Ninja Bird: Thanks!
  • Yellow Bird's Mind: 'You stupid idiot! Your boss said "Never help other birds!"'
  • Ninja Birds: I need some water!
  • Yellow Bird: (Gets water) Here!
  • Ninja Bird: Thanks!
  • (Meanwhile...)
  • Red Bird: YELLOW!
  • Blue Bird 3: YELLOW!
  • Boomerang Bird: YELLOW!
  • Red Bird: It's useless. We will never find him.
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