Abra is a male bird. He’s the older brother of Cadabra.


Abra has two abilities that he loves to use. His more tame attack is to send out his scarf rope from his hat to wrap around his opponents in a tight grasp. Though when he wants, he has the ability to completely erase the mind of someone. He does this so he can force them to love him and his shows.


Once upon a time, Abra was a simple magician. He preformed with his sibling Cadabra, and they were known as the “Twin Stars” in Lilac Lakeside. Abra was seen as the leader of the two, as he was much more loud and proud than Cadabra. But one day, the crowds suddenly stopped coming, and eventually the Twin Stars fizzled out of relevance in favor of new magicians. Cadabra continued to do practical magic, but Abra was really steamed about it all. In a desperate attempt for a comeback, Abra started preforming magic that.....was never meant to be preformed. The more he used it, the more disconnected to reality he became, and the more power hungry he got. It got so bad, that Cadabra left Abra because of how insane he got. Abra, still desperate to gain back his notoriety, has made it his goal to get rid of anyone who could be seen as a opponent and make all the outsiders watch his shows again, by erasing their minds...


You shouldn’t be fooled by Abra. Though at first he may seem nice...once you get him mad his true colors show. He’s an entitled jerk, and he still hasn’t let it go of the fact that he’s not popular anymore. And because Cadabra left him, Abra has found a new way to get an audience....brainwash. He got it all from his new book of tricks, and unless he can be convinced to let it all go, Abra has no signs of stopping.


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