This mysterious bird inhabits The Void, only appearing to bring order.


A pitch-black bird with a purple beak and eyes. It has purple lines coming out the bottom and back of its eyes. It has a purple diamond on its side.

Powers and Abilities

  • Light Distortion - This bird has the ability to distort light, creating shadows or making illusions.
  • Dark Energy - The Absence Bird can create a mysterious substance called “Dark Energy”. It has many uses from attacking to defending. It is not known how Dark Energy is created.
  • Teleportation - The Absence Bird can create shadowy portals for which it uses to move quickly. The portals lead to The Void.

Ability in-game

When the screen is tapped, Absence bird will level the playing field. Remove or add pigs and birds, make new structures, destroy old ones, etc.


Not much is known about Absence Bird’s backstory, but this is what the top bird scientists have uncovered from a book detailing the life and doings of Absence Bird.

”Once, I was an ordinary bird. I met a pig who was tired of the constant war between birds and pigs. I befriended the pig and we decided to try and make peace between the birds and the pigs. It was going swell until (unknown) showed up and changed the minds of the (unknown). Then, (unknown) threatened the (unknown), causing them to start a war. we were caught in the middle and took substantial damage. We ran off to recover, but we weren’t fast enough. A member from each group caught us and attacked us. As we were about to take our final (unknown)s, the (unknown) decided we needed to live. We were transformed into our current (unknown)s, and, well, here I am now.”

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