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Activision All-Stars 2 is the direct sequel to Activision All-Stars.


Much like its predecessor, the game contains portions from Activision's titles games, "remixing" them to provide a new challenge to players. Like its predecessor, this game offers remixes of games into the Activision's lifespan.


Activision All-Stars 2 contains the following remixed Activision games:

Other modes[]

Angry Birds Star Wars Rio[]

Angry Birds Star Wars Rio, included in Activision All-Stars 2, is a port of the original Angry Birds Rio, with some changes: the Star Wars characters are the playable characters instead of the Rio characters (with the exception of Blu and Jewel, which are the only playable Rio characters), with their play style featured in Angry Birds Star Wars, and the entire game's levels are mirrored (i.e. the player launches the birds through levels from right to left). The game was based upon a challenge featuring the birds battling Nigel in Jungle Escape's 30th level backwards in the original Activision All-Stars.

Championship Mode[]

There is a third game mode called Championship Mode, which can only be played after the first game has been downloaded to the console. According to the page dedicated to Activision All-Stars 2 on the Activision website, this mode had players competing for the best total score on a special video game that combined gameplay from Angry Birds, Crash Bandicoot, and Spyro the Dragon.