Spinning Saw Bird is an OC created by ButterBlaziken230.


Spinning Saw Bird is a round bird with the body style of Hal: a large beak and a smaller body. She has three bolts around her face, one connecting to her beak, one connecting to the top of her head and another one at the bottom.


Spinning Saw Bird was born on Blazed Island 5 years before Question Box Bird arrived there. Aima escaped the island during the events of Angry Birds: Blaze Blast, where she met Setro, who she had a crush on, only to find out Setro was gay. Aima also met Lumberjack Piggy when he visited Flockleston, and became good friends. One day, a group of pigs challenged Aima to a battle. After beating them, she gained her stripy bolts.

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