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These Birds are Aliens from Angry Birds Aliens. The teaser for a Red Alien has been more than you saw! All aliens were changed, but Red Alien is in the game!

The Birds (Aliens)[]


  • Red - Shoots pigs
  • Blue - Turns into 5 aliens
  • Yellow - Goes super-fast
  • Black - Atomic Explosion
  • White - Drops food
  • Green - Acts as a boomerang (Goes back, then the otherway, going down each time)
  • Large Red - Shoots pigs with super gun
  • Orange - Inflates, exploding after deflating
  • Purple - Goes left and right, shooting pigs each time

Mighty Aliens[]

  • White - Comes from top of screen, exploding after hitting ground, is summoned by Alien Sardines
  • Orange - (Only in Seasons Year of the Alien) Comes round and goes in a loop, exploding while going round, is summoned by the rare Red Alien Food
  • Black - (Only in Space) Comes out of a purple vortex, destroying everything in it's way, is summoned by Space Sardines


Pods can be used like Mighty Aliens, but they let you add 2 Small Aliens (0 if Birth Pod) and 1 Big Alien.

  • Lights Pod - Aliens flash bright colours
  • Fizz Pod - Aliens dissolve after hitting an item
  • Birth Pod - Big alien drops 3 Small Aliens




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