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All themed Angry Birds features all normal birds, all seasons birds, all space birds, all rio birds, and a lot of new birds(25 in all).

Red Bird: squaks

Blue bird: spilts into three

Yellow Bird: Speeds up

Black Bird: Explodes

White Bird:Drops a bomb

Big Brother bird: Uses force

Orange bird: Expands then deflates

Boomarang Bird:Flies backwards

Pink bird: Blows bubbles

Blu: Shakes

Blu and Jewel: Pulls forward

Lazer bird: Locks on to target

Ice Bird: Freezes stuff around it

Space Egg: Creates a mini black hole and sucks stuff toward it

Space Eagle: Destorys stuff around it (not gauranteed to pop all pigs)

Mighty Eagle: Pops all pigs

Mighty Dragon: Also pops all pigs

Airbag bird: Like Orange bird, but stronger

Pig Bird: Forces pigs to attack each other

Septuplet bird: Splits into seven

Camo-bird: Turns invisable and splits into twelve birds and they all explode on contact

Fish bird: automaticly drowns the first 3 pigs

Chainsaw bird: Chainsaws through half of the structure

Hawk: Like Space Eagle but comes in like Mighty Eagle

Blue Jay: Destroys stone

Final bird: Destroys Everything


1. Mighty Hoax

2. The Big Setup

3. Hogs and Kisses

4. Wreck the Halls

5. Piglantis

6. Back to School

7. Jungle Escape

8. Airfield Chase

9. Cold Cuts

10. Utopia

11. Red Planet

12. The Piggie Diner

13. Catch those Eggs

14. Look what the cat caught!

15. Alley Cats!?

16. No Food?!

17. Scrrrreeechhhhhhhhhh!

18. Golden Eggs

19. Golden Beach Ball

20. Eggsteroids

21. Golden Fishes

22. Golden Cat Bowls