Allister is a bird which has an ability simillar to Bea, he has 3 spirits that willl attack pigs. The pigs will pop meaning that the spirit has left the vessel.


He's always shy and wants to get out of personal conversations as fast as he can. Although he's shy, he's a tough fighter and has sent massive feats. He has the unruly power to communicate with the dead and the ones in Heaven. He always uses his mask to hide his true self.



Although not close friends nonetheless, he does have a friendly relationship with Bea.


  • He's created because of Bea. Bea is a bird that shares the name with the Pokemon Gym Leader. Although he is made to be a joke that if you can make a bird that has a name like a version exclusive Gym Leader, you can make the other version exclusive Gym Leader, he will get a debut in Angry Birds Ultimate 2


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