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The main theme. WARNING: LOUD!

Amgry Burds™ is a pc game NOT made by Rovio, created in 2001

The plot

The Pud Biggies™ have stolen the un-born babies of the Amgry Burds™!

They must get them back by committing vehicular manslaughter and make an entire species extinct!


The game actually has lore lmao

Here it goes i guess

The year was 1993, and Rod is going to a bar because he's a fucking loser, gets drunk and meets Motinda. Then he's like "AWOOGA THE OPPOSITE GENDER!!" and since Motinda has nothing to do she invites Rod to her house (a lab) and they have the funny sploinky action but since she's smart she doesn't get pregnant and puts his funny white substance in a machine and creates an egg, than after that Motinda says "you know what? fuck you. Wedding time" and they get married, in a span of time they adopt Stolla (smells like piss) and Motinda makes 2 other different eggs: a good and bad one, but they immediately hatch into Cuck and Bob (as full grown adults) and this makes things go to shit, first of all (in the year 2000), Rod and Motinda get a divorce (FUNNY MOMENT!!1!!), and Bob starts living with Teronc (Rod's brother) and sends him to military school 2 days later lol. As for Cuck and Stolla, they go live with Rod (that's why they turned out so shitty later in life). Anyway 3 unborn babies later REALLY BAD SHIT HAPPENS, the first egg they make hatches (Da Bulz), and друг is unleashed into the world. Now after Bob accidentally gets into the wrong plane (he was going to Teronc's house in Miami) and after the pilot of the plane goes offcourse thanks to друг, BOOM...yeah that happened...(and Bob gets the blame for it), Bob goes to jail for 2 years (so much time!!!). a few months after Bob is freed from jail, the mafia boss Kimg Big steals the other 3 unborn babies and this is where the game takes place. Rod recruits, his children (?) Cuck, Bob, Stolla and Da Bulz, his ex-wife Motinda, his brother Teronc and his 2 high school friends Bobble and Hel to commit vehicular manslaughter and make an entire species extinct! This is where the game starts lol oh yeah after that the other games happen 👹

Tha Burds' special powers

Rod: Being a lazy frick

Cuck: Fast (not like Sonic just a little less strong)

Bob: Being a nuke

Motinda: Giving explosive birth

Da Bulz: Cloning into 3 little brats

Teronc: Basically Rod on steroids

Hel: Spins like a freesbee and comes back (totally not a boomerang)

Bobble: [Devientart inflation fetish]

Stolla: Cries and makes bubbles out of her own tears

Murica: For only 75.98 $ you can summon him through a satanic ritual by sacrificing some sardines and he will beat a level for you :)


Pisza: throw flaming hot pizzas at biggies. Make the skin burn. KILL THEM ALL

Wendell: TBA

(DLC) Alex Bird: Diamond sword from minecraft and is good at rock climbing

Amgry Burds Festivitie™

tony hawk pro skater: Makes a SICK ASS skateboard move and falls to the ground


Rupiss: same thing as stripped burd (crisp)


Turp: Cloning into 3 Nukes

Amgry Burds Stolla™

Stolla: Bonces around lmfao

Pompei: Makes a bad joke and slams into the ground with an EPIC DRUM SOLO


Window: Spindash (not like Sonic just a little less strong)

Dania: Teleportation and ALSO BEING A NERD!!1!1!!

Gayl: Paints the wall yellow (yeah that's it)


  • Bob has been involved in the bombings of 09/11
  • Da Bulz are cannibals
  • Rod is a lazy frick but can somehow lead an entire flock of retarded birds
  • Cuck has been arrested 12 times for going over the speeding limit
  • Hel went missing for 4 months and was found by a random dude in australia
  • Motinda has tried to sell her own babies on e-bay
  • Bobble will start screaming on the top of his lungs if he doesn't get dessert
  • Teronc has has been banned from China for killing 25 people in a sushi resturant
  • Stolla has been almost killed by Rod (for being a lil crybaby) and has constant PTSD of that event
  • Liver is just a hoax, she does not exist
  • Alex Bird is Legal, The Alex Bird DLC was added in the game on 01/11/2007 cause the game was going bankrupt, now that he is added in the game,the company has made a lot of mony :)))
  • The game has 6 spinoffs: Amgry Burds Spoc™, Amgry Burds Stolla™, Amgry Burds Festivitie™, Pud Biggies™, Amgry Burds car™, Amgry Burds Too?™ and Amgry Burds lit™.
  • Pizza Bird has been confirmed to be added in the game on the 22 of March 2020 on Twitter by RuBio
  • they have a Twitter account which stills rocks after 20 years that can be followed here
  • The game has just been unbanned in Indonesia :)