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Amon Hen
General Info
Release Date: August 13, 2019
Levels: 30
Episode Number: 8
Previous Episode: Lothlorien
Next Episode: Emyn Muil
Game(s): Angry Birds The Lord of the Rings

Amon Hen is the eight episode from the new series Angry Birds LOTR, it is the 8th major location in the story and features the hills of Amon Hen and finishes the first part of the Quest of the Ring.


  • Cutscene 1: The Fellowship rests in Amon Hen
  • Cutscene 2: Birdomir follows Red though the hills
  • Cutscene 3: Birdomir gets mad (Ring corrumpts him) and tries to kill Red
  • Cutscene 4: Orcs attack! Red runs away, Chuck follows him. Merry and Pippin are kidnapped. Hallegolas, Gimles, Redagorn and a repentant Birdomir protects the way.
  • Cutscene 5: Birdomir dies. Red and Chuck goes on boats to Emyn Muil to destroy the ring. Hallegolas, Redagorn and Gimles still going to find Merry and Pippin in Fangorn Forest. The Fellowship of the Ring ends.


  • Red Birdings
  • Chuck Hamgi
  • Merry and Pippin
  • Redagorn
  • Hallegolas
  • Gimles
  • Birdomir


  • There are two bosses, Birdomir (8-18) and Hoguruk Hai (8-30)