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Angel Bird
Angel Bird
General Info
Powers Explode with GOODNESS, making evil and normal pigs into Good Pigs
First Level Appearance: None
Gender: Male
Species: 10% God 90% Bird
Locations: Angry Birds 3.0.0 Movies and Games
Strength: Strong
Size: Red Bird

Angel Bird is the only bird who can make Evil Pigs into Good Pigs. He just hatched from an egg on June 26, 2012, so the picture on the right side of this page is what he will look like when he grows up.


  • Name: Angel
  • Known Aliases: Angel Bird
  • Fan Aliases: Heaven Bird, God Bird
  • Group Affiliation: Redbird07's Flock
  • Best Friends: Matrix Bird, Cubeon
  • Family: Noise (Father), Noise and Matrix's group (includes Matrix) (Brothers)

Space Info


His power is to shoot gold balls, with super giant explosions.



  • Pull Back: Ruff!
  • Launch: Wheeeeee!
  • Pain: Ow! Ee! Oof! Ugh!
  • Power: CHHHHHHHHhhh (Like Ice Bird)


  • Launch: AREEEEEEE!
  • Pain: Oof! Ark!
  • Power: Pew! Pew! (Heard untill all 5 balls have been shot)


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