The "Angreh Burdds" are the weegeefied versions of the Angry Birds.


  • Rehdd (Weegeefied version of Red)
  • Shuk (Weegeefied version of Chuck)
  • Du Blooes (Weegeefied version of The Blues)
    • Jihum (Weegeefied version of Jim)
    • Jayck (Weegeefied version of Jake)
    • Jah (Weegeefied version of Jay)
  • Bawm (Weegeefied version of Bomb)
  • Mutillder (Weegeefied version of Matilda)
  • Hahll (Weegeefied version of Hal)
  • Tehwens (Weegeefied version of Terence)
  • Babilz (Weegeefied version of Bubbles)
  • Stehlur (Weegeefied version of Stella)
  • Sillfa (Weegeefied version of Silver)



One day, a pig was playing Angry Birds when Weegee was nearby, the piggy screamed when he saw him and threw his phone at him. Weegee stared at the phone to make the angry birds join his army, but they came out looking weird and fought for Weegee ever since.


  • Sillfa was originally "Sillfur" but was changed due to the spelling of "Bowsa".
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