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Angry Animals is a Game that will be released on 11-12-2014. It is sometimes called Angry Birds Travels


The Angry Birds meet other angry animals and team up.


NOTE:Some animals say only found in_______ but all animals are found in The Final Battle 

60 Animals in all

Regular Birds(Red, Chuck,The Blues, Bomb, Matilda, Terence, Al, Bubbles, Stella, Blu, Blu and Jewel, Ice Bird)

Crow: Stronger than Red

Robin: Flies over the structure and slams into it with sound-breaking speed and force

Skylark: Flies over the structure and drops 3 mines

Tocanet: Jackhammers Structure

Spix's Macaw: Flies over and picks up a block then drops it

Pigeon: Drops Feces

Raven: Stronger than Bomb

Penguin(only found in Iceberg Trouble): Swims under structure and slams it

Rooster: Stonger than Chuck

Canada Goose: Stonger than Al

Mallard: Stonger than Raven

Magpie: Picks up metal

Yellow Warbler: Suffocates Pigs

Hummingbird: Stonger than Red but weaker than Crow

Cassowary: Stronger than Blu

Falcon: Dives at the speed of light

Owl: Swoops down at pigs

Kingbird: Scares pigs

Porcipine: Shoots Quils

Flying Squirrel: Weaker than Chuck

Mouse: Weaker than Red

Chipmunk: Weaker than Humming Bird

Fox: Chews structure

Fisher: Bites Pigs

Meerkat: Stronger than The Blues

Rattlesnake: Shakes structure

Cottenmouth: Injects Venom

Bull Snake: Constricts

Anaconda: Better Constriction

Ball Python: Best constriction of all

Wolf Pup: Gnaws structure

Piglet(pink): Distracts pigs

Egg Eating Snake: Eats a pig

Mighty Eagle: Destroys all pigs

Mighty Dragon: Same as above

Mighty Wolf(only found in Wolf Pile):Calls for renforcements

Mighty Ostrich(only found in African Safari): Kicks and pops all pigs

Mighty Mountain Lion(only found in Wolf Pile): Scratches and pops all pigs

Mighty Pig(pink)(only found in Year of the Pig): Sits on all pigs

House Cat(only found it house pets): Scratches structure

Domestic Dog(only found in house pets): Rams into structure

Goldfish(only found in house pets): Drowns pigs

Turtle(only found in house pets): Gets huge

Guinea Pig(only found in house pets): Chews Structure

Hamster(only found in house pets): Bites Pigs

Canary(only found in house pets): Hypotises pigs with a song

Parrot(only found in house pets): Imitates other animals' powers

Gecko(only found in house pets): Sticks to structure


1. Regular Day...[]

The Birds meet other angry animals

2.Iceberg trouble[]

The birds go to Antartica and meet pengiun

3.Wolf pile[]

The animals go to North America and meet the Wolf Clan and Mountian Lion

4. House Pets[]

The animals meet some domestic animals

5. African Safari[]

The animals go to Africa and meet the Ostrich

6. Year of the pig[]

The birds meet non egg-eating pigs

7. The Final Battle[]

All the animals vs all the pigs

8. Funhouse[]

Fun Mode


In the fun house there are 5 minigames.

Red Bird[]

Complete 30 levels with just Red.

Pig mode[]

Play as the pigs


Make your own level

Power Upgrade[]

The birds have better powers


Create your own bird and test it