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Angry Bird Land is an all-new amusement park made by Allan-Stark Industries. It has 5 locations: Orlando, Florida, USA; Helsinki, Finland; Los Angeles, California, USA; Honolulu, Hawaii; USA, and London, England, UK. A sixth park is planned to be put in Sydney, Australia.


The amusement park is made up of 7 different smaller parks, all named after the Angry Birds game the attractions in the park are based on.

Park 1: Angry Birds[]

This park has attractions based on the original Angry Birds game.

Rides and Attractions:

  • FPS (First Piggie Shooter) - lets you fling birds at virtual, holographic Pigs. Play Single, Co-op, or Vs. to see if you can beat your friends (all while moving on a fast-paced car, so shoot fast!).
  • Sling Fling - flings you 120 ft. into the air.
  • Mine and Dine - takes you underground, where you can see pigs mining for eggs.
  • Mighty's Cave Ride - takes you flying through Mighty's Cave, in which you see dead pigs hanging from walls and feathers everywhere.
  • Danger Above - sort of like Disney World's Soarin' ride, this ride takes you on a high-flying adventure in the skies. It's different because there are three Raft Flyers, when you look at your two friends they look like green pigs, and you are trying not to get hit by the Birds, who are flinging themselves at you (like always).
  • Surf and Turf Water Ride - this water ride takes you through locations such as Pigini Beach and the Pig Hills (the drop-off, where it drops you 50 ft. staright down!).

I will add more parks and rides as I get more ideas.