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Angry Birds is the Pilot for Angry Birds: The Show.


  1. Red Bird
  2. Blue Bird(s)
  3. Yellow Bird
  4. Bomb Bird
  5. White Bird
  6. Minion Pigs (Small, Medium, Large)
  7. King Pig
  8. Corporal Pig
  9. Chef Pig
  10. Osama bin Laden


Episode Starts at Angry Birds Island with Red, Chuck, The Blues, Bomb, & Matilda standing by the nest.

Red: Well flock, look at them. Look at our beautiful eggs.

Bomb: Oh, oh, see that one over there, that one looks like me! The first one there.

Red: Oh, yeah that does look like you Bomb. What do you want to name it?

Bomb: I'll name him Bomb Jr.

Red: Bomb Jr. Perfect!

Camera moves over to bush by the nest, Corporal Pig pops up.

Corporal Pig: There they are, the delicious eggs. Come on guys.

Minion Pig 2 and Minion Pig 3 pops up.

Corporal Pig: Okay you, Minion, get the 1st egg. And you, other Minion, get the 2nd egg. And I will get the 3rd egg.

Minion Pig 3: How will we get the birds away?

Minion Pig 1: Good question, I will write a note to distract the birds.

Minion Pig 1 write a note and throws it at the birds. The note hits Chuck.

Chuck: What is this? It is a note.

Matilda: What does it say?

Chuck: It says "Free bird seed for birds names Red, Chuck, Blue Jay, Blue Jake, Blue Jim, Bomb, & Matilda." Those are our names! Let's go.

The birds walk away and the pigs go over to the nest.

Minion Pig 1: Okay, grab the eggs.

Each pig grabs an egg.

Minion Pig 1: Okay, let's go give them to King Pig so he can have Chef Pig make delicious scrambled eggs

The pigs walk away, the birds come back.

Red: Well, there was no bird seed.

Blue Jay: Yeah

Blue Jake: And the eggs are gone.

Blue Jim: Yeah

Chuck: Wait, what! The eggs are gone!

Bomb: Holy bird seed they are!

Red: That must have just been a trick from the pigs!

Matilda: Yeah, let's go to Pig City to give the pigs a visit.

Scene changes to Pig City, the minion pigs walk into Pig Castle.

Corporal Pig: Chef Pig! Chef Pig! We got the eggs!

Minion Pig 1: Yeah, yeah, now will you cook them?

Minion Pig 2: Yeah, can ya, can ya.

Chef Pig: Oui, guys. Oh King.

Minion Pigs 1, 2, &3: Yay!

King Pig walks up

King Pig: What is it Chef?

Chef Pig: Sire, here are the eggs, I'll make some delicious scrambled eggs.

The Pig Castle door opens, with the birds standing outside.

Red: Not today you won't!

The Pigs gasp.

Red: Birds, attack!

The birds attack the pigs for 30 seconds. Then the pigs are gone and the birds stand outside pig castle.

Red: Well birds, we did it again, we got the eggs back.

Bomb: And Bomb Jr.

Red: Yes, Bomb Jr.

Episode ends with the bird laughing.


  • This episode only included the original 5 flock.
  • Chef Hat Pig is called Cook Pig in this episode. Although in the next episode, Poached Eggs, he will be called Chef Pig.
  • The Next episode is Poached Eggs