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Angry Birds:ANTENTION!!!!! it's the most wrongest and crazyest game ever.


The pigs,very seriusly this time haved the most strangeat idea that they never manged!That idea it's byn created by the Professor Pig.The idea it's bean the bellow ones:

Sook over the WHOLE WORLD and i mean seriusly THE WHOLE GALAXYS of real life,games and cartoons.This will make the birds go CRAZY!!!! (but except the Crazy Ones)

The World's Sucked Population[]


  1. Red Birds
  2. Blue Birds
  3. Yellow Birds
  4. Black Birds
  5. Boomerang Birds
  6. White Birds
  7. Terence Birds
  8. Orange Birds
  9. Pink Birds
  10. Mighty Creatures
  11. Space Characters
  12. Star Wars Characters
  13. Eggs
  14. Golden Eggs
  15. Hiden Eggs (Diferent-not only golden)
  16.  All the released yet Fanon Birds
  17. Reddy
  18. Chuck (Reddy and the Pigtoges ones)


  1. Baby Pigs (the worst ones too)
  2. Tiny Pigs
  3. Mini Pigs
  4. Medium Pigs
  5. Minion Pigs (large)
  6. Helmet Pigs
  7. Mustage Pigs
  8. King Pigs
  9. All the released yet Fanon Pigs
  10. Pigtoges

Others/Known real life,cartoon,games or moves peapole[]

  1. Oficcial SPY
  2. Harry Potter Characters
  3. Hana Montana Characters
  4. Babys' Cartoons Characters
  5. Other Cartoons Characters
  6. Other Games Characters
  7. Oggy and the Cockroaches Characters
  8. Real Life Peapole

You can add or remove characters from this lists if you want[]