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The Game is Released on March 5 2014.It takes in Space.


Episode 1[]

Birds take care of their eggs.But,Pigs are Aproaching.

Small Pig:Hey,The Eggs are There!Get It!(2x)

King Pig:Well,We Are too Far on That.

Fat Pig:Yeah,Now,How can We Get Revenge?

Big Pig:(Thinking a Flying Pig with Wooden Wings)(Laughing(8X))

Moustache Pig:It is Almost Late,The End is Near,It's 5:33 am.No!!We have only 27 Minutes left!!No!!

(Scene Switched to The Birds Nest)

Red:I Know,Later may have the Doomsday??

Bomb:Yes,We need a warp gate.

(Pigs Flying with a wooden wing)

Chuck:What??I Will Make Them Lazered!!!!!

(Birds Moved to the Warp gate)


Red- Super Red Bird

Chuck- Lazer Bird

The 3 Blue Birds- Lighning Birds

Bomb- Force Bird

Terence- Terence

Bubbles- Atom Bird

Matilda- Heaven Queen

Al- Heaven King

Stella- Wind Bird

Demerea(Purple Bird)- Plasma Bird- Shoots Plasma in Scrolls with his Gun.

Maroon bird -Meteor Bird


  • Pigs In The Space of Angry birds Will be Appeared Exept Fat Pig.


  • Note:Facebook Levels are only in The PC AND IOS OR IPAD.

Planet Teraham[]

Theme 1- Sedna - 35 Levels,3 Facebook Levels

Theme 2- Fredis - 40 Levels,2 Facebook Levels

Theme 3- Diera - 36 Levels,1 Facebook Level

Planet Warluna[]

Theme 4- Queris - 44 Levels,2 Facebook Levels

Theme 5- Gederl - 36 Levels,4 Facebook Levels

Theme 6- Finar - 40 Levels,3 Facebook Levels

Planet Teraria[]

Theme 7- Janutic - 45 Levels,5 Facebook Levels

Theme 8- Lewis - 40 Levels, 3 Facebook Levels

Theme 9- Sinag - 48 Levels,3 Facebook Levels

Theme 10- Yellem - 45 Levels

Theme 11- Redni - 50 Levels

Planet Elektra[]

This Planet is The Planet of Energy and Electricity.

Theme 12- Wiquen - 40 Levels


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