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The first level is called "Stella fights with Buster, the bad dog."

Stella the Pink Bird fights with Buster the leader of junkyard dogs.

Stella is fearless and most educated of the team that is teaching Buster a lesson.

After that, Stella just unchain Buster and Buster realize that he had did something bad and say sorry to Scamp and Tramp.

Then Stella and Buster unchaines the Boomerang Bird, to fight with Juliet from Gnomeo and Juliet.

This time, Pink and Green saves the Blue Gnomes to free the Big Brother Bird. This time Buster is playable character after his punishment. Buster's abilties is to trapping himself in bubbles or boomeranging back.

However, he is not a bird character, but he got help of the flock.

Stella's breed is known to the mongrel, or mutt so Buster says to her:Let go of me! You moody mutt!

And the White Bird says:You, you mongrel!

Pink bird is known to helper of the junkyard dogs and rival but later friend of Buster and Tramp.

Pink Bird was also known as Buster, just like him.

Pink and Boomerang Bird fought with the hunting dogs, before that, they have fought with bird villains.

The second was known as "Blue vs Blue Evil".

Bubbles rescues Jake and Wander and they face Sylvia.

Bubbles gets in rage and flares as Sword Spirit. He and Sylvia crashed each other.

Sylvia falls and fades. Jake sadly left.

The third was known as "Orange vs Red, loss of friendship".

Bubbles himself tries to defeat Sword Spirit for losing friendship.

Wander and Beeza were playing banjos in the Banjo Bayou.

Wander shouts: Too many Dalmatians! I'm flooding!

Gale's tail is attacking like an active tape measure.

Stella became best friend of Buster. She told her story that she and red bird are best friends but when Red fell love with the female red bird, she decied to have revenge just like Buster did to Scamp. But Buster says "No."

Meanwhile, the other villain, who is Reggie from Lady and the Tramp and hero, Simba from The Lion King will recieved that Stella is the one who changed Buster's alignment bad to good. Meanwhile, Elsa from Frozen froze Buster's heart.

Red decides to trap Bubbles. Matilda accidentally changes Wander into Felix.

The Blues tries to poison Red by piercing his heart. Jim got scared and they were attacked.

Stella talks to Matilda. She says: "Where's Donald?"

Donald Duck begins to spy on Red. Instead was a fake. He looked around and said: "Why there are sharp things around me!?". The real Red captures Donald and left. Stella notices and saves Donald.

The fourth is known as "White and Blue vs Red, loss of happiness".

Donald plucks Red's feathers. He dropped him and he left.

Matilda looked away and zapped a plant. It captured Red and he is wrapped up like a cocoon.

The fifth is known as "Purple vs Beige, fight against a cub".

Gale angrily speaks to Simba for blaming Stella in changing Buster's mood. she says: "You make me angry, you make all of us angry!"

Gale and Simba attacked each other. She lifted him because her tail has exercised for too long on heavy objects.

Simba falls and weeps. Gale left to save Willow.

Willow angrily talks to Peepers. She said: "Don't sound like Prince Porky again!"

Peepers doesn't listen and zaps Willow. She dodged it and transports Peepers to space. He explodes.

Bella kim (talk) 10:51, July 4, 2014 (UTC)Stella's Disneyland adventure will continued.