Another Fan Game Is Now Here!Angry Birds Earth Odysey Is Sequel To Angry Birds Earth.Every Episode Has 50 Levels.


1.Back To Earth

2.The Beautiful Gardens

3.Urban Forests

4.Rural Plainlands

5.Sunset Jungle

6.Moonlight Above

7.Midnight Exploration

8.A New Day Begins

9.Sunny Ranch

10.Sunny Side Beach

11.Hiroshima Bay

12.The Final Battle


Red Bird

Blue Birds

Yellow Bird

Bomb Bird

Big Brother Bird

Boomerang Bird


Episode 1,3,4 and 9:Easter Eggs Music

Episode 2 and 10:Summer Pignic Music

Episode 5:Angry Birds Rio Music

Episode 6:Mooncake Festival Music

Episode 7 and 8:Ham o Ween Music

Episode 11:YOTD Music(Angry Birds Seasons Music)

Episode 12:Angry birds theme music[Fast Version]

More Soon!.

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