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This Game(AB:MMS or Angry Birds:Military Mission)Is a Game that birds Are Militarians and Pigs Are Soldiers.It will be Released October 18 2013(Tentative date)It will be on Ipad,IOs,2,3,4 and 5.



  • Militaleader(Red Bird)-Doing Strong Damage.
  • Militacommander(Yellow Bird)-Gets Fast when tapped or clicked.
  • Militriple(Blue Bird)-Splits into 3 when tapped or clicked.
  • Militatomic(Black Bird)-Explodes When tapped or clicked and It Have High Range of explosion.
  • Militarang(Boomerang Bird)Acts like a Boomerang when Tapped or clicked.
  • Militerence(Big Brother Bird)Doing Very Strong damage.


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  1. The first battle-15 lvls
  2. Pigs ride on a tank-28 lvls
  3. The mission for the night-38 lvls
  4. Dawn battles-42 lvls
  5. Almost destroyed-35 lvls
  6. Sunset mission-44 lvls
  7. Chilly night Battle-46 lvls
  8. The Last Stand-66 lvls
  9. Secret Stones-30 lvls(Secret)


Menu-Angry Birds(Military mix)

Boss-Angry Birds(Tank Battle mix)

Final Boss-Angry Birds(Tank battle with Rock mix)



  • Big bada boom!-Unlock Militatomic-5pts
  • The Militarian split 1-Split a bird 1 times-5pts
  • The Militarian Split 2-Split a bird 10 times-10pts
  • The Militarian split 3-Split a bird 100 times.-15pts
  • Military split-Unlock Militriple-5pts
  • The first battle-Unlock Militaleader-1pt
  • Go fast!fast!-Unlock Militacommander-3pts
  • Dance like a boomerang-Unlock Militarang-5pts
  • The Big One-Unlock Militerence-8pts
  • Bad Boss pigs-Beat 2 Bosses-10pts
  • Bad and angry bosses-Beat 4 Bosses15pts
  • Almost complete-Beat 7 bosses-20pts
  • The Pigs are gone-Beat the last boss-30pts
  • Secret Place-Unlock Episode 9-25pts
  • Getting powerful-Tap or click a bird 500 times-25pts
  • Mission Complete Beat the game-40pts

Total Achivement pts-222pts

Total Achivements-16 Achivements