Introducing Angry Birds:Saving Pokemon

Angry Birds:Saving Pokemon is a spin off for both Angry Birds(First) and Pokemon.

Birds,Pokemon and Enemies

Birds and Enemies


Red Bird

Blue Bird

Yellow Bird

Black Bird

Lazer Bird

Big Brother Bird



Helmet pigs

King Pig

Cowboy Pig


Charmeleon 1-1

Blastoise 1-31

Charizard 2-5

Buneary 2-10

Lopuny 2-31

Drifloon 3-6

Drifblim 3-24

Bulbasaur 4-2

Ivysaur(Same Cage as Bulbasaur) 4-16

Venasaur (Larger Cage as Ivysaur and Bulbasaur)4-15

Chikorita,Piplup,Charmander and Bulbasaur Together 5-15 and 6-17

Bulbasaur Logo-6-18,7-4 and all ending levels


  1. 1-1-The Pigs are taking All Pokemon's Cages in a different areas.Birds are worried and managed to free them.
  2. 2-1-The Pigs are laughing and says"King Pig,Get all of the pokemon's cages!!!NOW!!!".Two of the Pokemons(Buneary and Lopuny) tries to hop but those pokemons can't jump.The pigs laugh again.
  3. 3-1-The Pigs are again laughing and says"King Pig,Get All Of The Pokemon's Cages Now!!!NOW!!!.Bulbasaur said"Stop That!!!" To the Pigs.
  4. All Others-No Cutscene.
  5. 7-15 and 7-17-The Birds and the Pokemon happy reunite with each other.
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