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A fannon show where the pigs try to foil the bird's plans but it ends up the wrong way round.



Red Bird 

Yellow Bird 

Blue Birds

Ice Bird

Bigger Red Bird

Black Bird

White Bird

CP30 Bird

R2D2 Bird

Pink Bird

Yoda Bird

Bommerang Bird

Orange Bird


Freckled Pig

King Pig

Machinc Pig

Not Rovio[]


Red Bird's Wife

Brown Bird

Spotty Pig

Pink Bird's Twin


Season 1[]

1. Just Let It Fly. The Pigs find a new way to steal the eggs-flight!

2. Mother's Choice. White Bird is the only bird not to be aducted by the pigs.

3. Birds And The Beanstalk. King Pig  gets some magic beans and he and his henchpigs escape up it.

4. Road Birds. Red Bird and Black Bird steal the pig's cart.

5. Road Pigs. The pigs build a new cart.

6. Birdfall. Ice Bird gets kindnapped!

7. Prequel. Red Bird tells the story of how he met Yellow Bird.

8. The Return of The Plane. The pigs get thier plane back!

9. The Beautey and The Bird.  White Bird falls in love with King Pig.

10. Miracle and Snow. Freckled Pig and Black Bird wreck each other's snowmen.

11.  Mechanic Bird. Mechanic Pig dresses up and claims to be the fourth Blue Bird

12. The Good,the Bad and the Merry. Its  Christmas Eve and the pigs want eggs-not Turkey!

13. Happy New Year. King Pig gets a helicopter and kidnaps Red Bird,Yellow Bird and the Blue Birds!

14. Black Bird. Black Bird saves the birds from King Pig's helicopter.

15. The Party. R2D2 Bird prepares circus entertamient.

16. When We First Wed. Red Bird tells the story of his long lost wife.

17. The Red and the Black. Red Bird and Black Bird break friends.

18. The Mystery Of The Golden Egg. The Pigs steal a golden egg.

19. The Island. The birds move to a driffent island.

20.The Adventure. Yellow Bird falls and Red Bird and Black Bird become friends again.

21/22. King Pig's Wrath. First 30 minuate special.

Season 2: Bad Pigges[]

1. Honey,I Birdnapped The Wife. Red Bird goes to find his wife.

2. Dawn Of The Blue Birds. After 1 week,the Blue Birds return.

3. From K To F. King Pig turns life into a video game.

4. Trick Or Fire. Halloween, or is it......

5.Thanksbird. A day where the birds and pigs swap roles.

6. King Pig's Day Off. Freckled Pig is worried when King Pig disappears.

7. King Pig Returns. King Pig comes back.

8. The Game. Red Bird and Black Bird create an app called Angry Birds.

9. When Anger Meets Love. The first cilp show.

10. Road Egg. Egg steals the Pig's Cart!

11/12. No Leader. The Birds fall under the Pig's empire.

13. No King,All Kingdom. After a bang,King Pig dies.

14. Frankenpig. R2D2 Bird restores King Pig.

15. King Pig. King Pig is back!

16. A New Flap. Black Bird plays Luke Skywalker in a parody Of Star Wars.

17. Something,Something,Brekfast. The pigs want eggs to go with thier bacon.

18. Yes,Black Bird,Santa loves eggs. The show's Christmas finale.


1. Ice Bird. Where's Ice Bird?

2. The New King Pig. Mechanic Pig gets bossy.

3. Angrytitanic. White Bird falls through the volcano!

4. Red Bird's Birthday. Its Red Bird's 5th.

5. Merry Christmas! The pigs celabrate Christmas.

6. I Want ATV! The Angry Birds create thier own show.

7. Go Into Space. The birds go to space.

Season 3: Rainy Tricks[]

1. Happy New Year! The Pigs want 2015 to start with a bang!

2. Here's Your Fish. The Birds need the Mightey Eagle.

3. The New Flock. Yoda Bird,Bommerang Bird,Pink Bird and Orange Bird come.

4. Snowegg. The Birds make fake eggs out of snow.

5. The Big One. The island is ending!

6. The New Island. The Birds find a new island.

7. Only One. Pink Bird has to choose her vlaentime.

8. Where Are You? The Blue Birds get kidnapped.

9. Is The World Ending? A rumor goes round.


Angry Birds Tricks Of The Trade:Season One[]

It is a five disc set featuring the whole of Season 1.

Birds Assemble![]

It contains the


se episodes.


Miracle And Snow.

The Island.

The Game.


1.The episodes are 5 to 8 mins long.

2. The only bird that can't speak is Yellow Bird.

3. There will 4 or more seasons.


1. In the last three episodes of Season 1, King Pig is larger.