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Angry birds 50 splash screen

The current loading screen.


The old Loading screen

The gameplay


The birds had an emergency when King Pig has destroyed Blue Bird and plans to destroy all other birds. Fortunately their eggs hatched, and the birds have to stop the green-skinned pigs without legs!


  1. Birds World Attacked
  2. Troubled Skies
  3. Breakfast For Dinner
  4. Jingle Birds
  5. It's About Swine!
  6. The Big Setup
  7. We Can Fly! In a Plane...
  8. Finale


  • Red Bird - Screams
  • Yellow Bird - Speeds up when tapped
  • Black Bird - Explodes when tapped
  • White Bird - Drops an egg bomb when tapped
  • Big Brother Bird - Moans
  • Boomerang Bird - Acts like a boomerang when tapped
  • Orange Bird - Inflates when tapped
  • Ice Bird - Turn blocks and pigs into ice when tapped
  • Pink Bird - Blows bubbles when tapped
  • Time Bird - Makes things go in slow motion when tapped
  • Big Orange Brother Bird - Inflates bigger than orange bird when tapped
  • Purple Bird - Acts like a boomerang when tapped
  • Puffin - Flies when tapped
  • Drill Bird - Acts like a drill when tapped
  • Racketball Bird - Bounces 3 times when tapped
  • Hawk - Extremely strong
  • Grenade Bird - Drops a grenade
  • Basketball Bird - Shoots orange eggs but out of his beak
  • Lavender Bird - Floats and explodes when tapped
  • Machine Gun Bird - Shoots bullets when tapped
  • Mud Bird - Shoots mud when tapped
  • Midnight Bird - Kills all the pigs faster when tapped
  • Muna - Drops eggs based on number of taps
  • Pinky (Goggle Bird) - Sings High Note, causing pig in One Inch of the Screen Radius to Explode
  • More Goggle Birds
  • Godzilla Bomber
  • Baby Pink Bird - Turns into plasma within smaller range
  • Zombie Red Bird - Screams
  • Gray Bird - Mocks the nearest pig
  • Suite Bird - Drops a pink egg bomb
  • Gemini Bird - Clones into a 100s and 1000s of birds
  • Kimono Bird - Hooks onto other objects
  • Mighty Eagle - Mass destruction
  • Deadly Bird - Even better destruction than Mighty Eagle
  • toilet - flushes pigs
  • pink toilet flushes pigs and and them explodes