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Angry Birds: A Dark Future
A dark future

Release Date

December 26, 2018


iOs, Android, Holopads, PC, iPhone, iPad, iPod, Samsung Galaxy, Kindle Fire, other tablets


Singleplayer, Challenge, Telepod

Created by

Rovio, Stark Industries™




Bad Piggies Future


Angry Birds World Tour (new version)

Angry Birds: A Dark Future is a in-dimensional game that happens in a different dimension where the pigs are the rulers of the island. Desperate, the birds ask help for our dimension birds to help them.


The game starts in a flashback in dimension D-2, where the birds fail to retrieve the eggs. Happy, King Pig decides to eat them to became the Universe's Ruler, but instead, King Pig is defeated by Chef Pig and Chef makes him disappear, and kept his crown, eating the eggs and gaining powers.

The D-2 Birds are desperate, but Professor Pig, loyal to the true King Pig shows the dark dimension birds a inter dimensional machine that could call the dimension D-1 birds to help them.

The D-1 birds meet the D-2 birds and join them to save the dimension and bring back peace to Piggy Island and the Piglands.

Dimension D-2[]

Playable Birds[]

  • Red - the red bird became a leader against the pigs' domain.
  • Chuck - chuck loose his speed boost but got a laser gun invented by Professor Pig
  • Bomb - bomb upgraded his power, he is always almost angry and his destruction damage has been increased as an atomic bomb.
  • Matilda - retired from Piglands when the eggs were eaten, Matilda has got a new abillity: to change the gravity.
  • The Blues - now splitting into five, the blues are going to get revenge!
  • Terence - old, useless and heavy, Terence is a old bird with lost dreams but is called back when the birds want to take revenge! Terence now can only roll like a bowling ball
  • Stella - Stella was the first to do something when the eggs were eaten, but she was converted into a evil bird. She later became good again.
  • Ice - Ice was melted down by the pigs as an example of what would happen with who cross the lines. Ice is reintegrated to the flock later when they break into the castle
  • Dimensional Bird - the space egg has hatched, and became the Dimensional Bird, that will help the flock fighting the evil pigs.

Mentioned Birds[]

  • Mighty - Mighty has never shown again after the eggs were stolen but was mentioned by Bomb later.
  • Hal - Hal disappeared a long time ago. He is only mentioned by Red.
  • Bubbles - Bubbles was arrested by the pigs a long time ago and has never appeared after that.
  • Ramses - Like Hal, he dissapeared a long time ago.

Playable Pigs[]

  • Professor Pig - loyal to the true king, professor pig can fly in a machine.
  • Freckles - freckles will help creating awesome machines!


  • King Chef Pig - the new king is ruling the piggy island in a evil dictatorship
  • Mechanic Pig - mechanic now was hired by the new king and will fix broken structures
  • Small Pig - pig villain
  • Large Pig - another pig villain
  • Soldier Pig - pig with extra defense
  • Mustache Pig - the mustache pig is the commander of King Chef's forces
  • Fat Pig - the general of dimension D-2
  • Stella - stella's mind was changed and she became a evil bird until the episode The Rebellion Begins
  • Silver Bird - When the Birds fall, the pigs activate the Silver Bird, a extermination machine
  • Secret Weapon - pig's secret weapon that they've always threaten since they got the eggs... but has never show off... yet...

Dimension D-1[]

Playable Birds[]

  • Red - being the leader of this dimension's flock, he goes into Dimension D-2 he has the same power as in Red's Mighty Feathers
  • Chuck - he also comes with Red.
  • Bomb - he decided to come as extra firepower for the Birds
  • Terence - Terence also gets into the portal
  • Bubbles - Bubbles follows the smell of candy into the portal
  • Hal - Hal comes from D-1 to look for himself in D-2... but nothing he finds
  • Matilda- Matilda comes to help them.
  • Mighty - Mighty is always there to confront the pigs.

Playable Pigs[]

  • Postman Pig - a long time friend of the Birds, he decides to join them on their interdimensional adventure. His power is to throw flaming envelopes.
  • King Pig - angry when he discovered his D-2 counterpart is not the king anymore, he joins the birds


  • Chef Pig- leads the pigs against the birds once D-1's King Pig is at dimension D-2 fighting the new king
  • Minions - follows Chef's orders
  • Freckles- follows the king's ord
  • Mechanic- follows the king's orders
  • Mustache- follows the king's orders
  • Sleeper- follows the king's orders


  • The Fall of the Birds - flashback in dimension D-2
  • Meet Professor Pig - D-2 birds meet Professor Pig
  • The Rebellion Begins - D-1 birds go to dimension D-2