Angry Birds: A Silver Lining (also known as Angry Birds V: A Silver Lining), is the final game in the Angry Birds Saga developed by Nevrade and Rovio Entertainment. It was released on December 1st, 2026, and was also released on iPhone and Android devices. The direct sequel is Angry Birds: A Crack in the Screen.


Red's Conclusion

One Message?

After thirty years of nothing really happening, Red starts to worry about something happening. His friends tell him that there is nothing to worry about and to relax a little. The next morning, Red was awake, because he couldn't sleep and went out to find something that would calm him down. This is when he hears a voice, a voice of an old Bird he thought he would never hear again, Holly. She tells him that a great evil is coming and that the Wayfinder must be found to track it down and that it's on an island near Piggy Island. Red agrees and gathers the Old Flock and heads out.

One Wayfinder?

Red and his old flock make it to the beach near the isles of the Cirrocumulus, and this is where Holly says that they will need a guide as she cannot stay with them. She introduces them to Dave, a holographic guide. Dave says that they will need Cloudifer to find the Wayfinder and stop the great evil. They soon set out for Cloudifer.

One Reason?

They meet up with Reece and his flock and ask them to join them on one last quest. Reece and his flock decide to join them, as they realized this day would come sooner or later. They ask Dave why Cloudifer was needed, but Dave said that she was the only one able to decipher an ancient secret code. On the way, they stop at a cave, where Pigs raid them. During the battle, one Pig with a scar drops a crystal as he flees. Reece picks it up, examines it before putting it into his pocket. Red searches if the Pigs took anything, and all they stole was some rations, so they keep moving.

One Trap?

Red and Reece's Flocks make it to the mountain where Dave told them to go. They head inside of a cave formed in the mountain and find text on the walls. Ancient text, but not the text Dave was looking for. They soon make it to a door, where Dave claims the Wayfinder was. They open the door and step in. The door suddenly shuts, trapping them in. Dave's communicator shuts off, and Red Soldiers fill the room. Red and Reece begin fighting, but there were too many Red Soldiers, and they were subdued. They're hit unconscious and taken to a dark and foreboding room. A Pig in a military uniform hat welcomes them. He tells them to stop and enjoy the show, as a bright red laser erases Piggy Island in front of their eyes.

One Escape?

They realize they cannot move, as the Pig starts monologuing about how he had waited a long time for this. His family in the past had been hurt by Birds and he felt they deserved revenge. He was about to go on, but soon he was called by Malice to return to the ship. He leaves them there to die. Red talks about how sorry he was, dragging them into this. That's when Cloudifer realizes she can just slip out of the chains as she's a cloud. She releases them and they go outside and see several hundred large battle cruisers rising out of the water. Most were heading to a tight formation, but one was still relatively low, and they concluded Malice was on that one. Then they see Sarah and her flock and group up with them.

One Call

Soon after they board a shuttle by taking out the guards and board the Battle Station. Soon a message begins to play on the speakers. A strange, dark voice called out to them, congratulating them for being this insane to board a Battle Station, although he says that this is where it ends. Suddenly the entire ship begins to shake, and a screen appears in front of the group, showing evil creatures crawling out of holes in the sky. Malice says that these are his minions and they will assist him with not just galaxy-wide domination, but multiverse-wide domination. Thousands of creatures pour from these rifts and begin to join the New Imperial Order. Red spotted some that were robots, and one was an octopus pig. They had to keep moving and take the ship down or else Malice would win. They find a computer room and figure out where the engine room is. They head to the engine room while fighting off red soldiers. They make it to the engine room and fight soldiers in order for Silver to set the engines to explode. The ship explodes and begins to fall back down to the earth.

Henry's Story

A Message

Thirty years have passed and Henry, the son of Holly and Callahan, who both mysteriously disappeared years ago, is walking around with his friends when a voice calls out to him in the voice of Callahan that evil is coming and the Wayfinder must be found. The Wayfinder would bring them to the location of the secret island which had the coming evil’s power. Henry tries to leave alone, to keep his friends safe, but Callahan‘s Voice stops him and tells him to bring them along. Against his better judgment, Henry brings along his friends.

A Wayfinder

Henry and his pals head to the direction of a Wayfinder locator who is apparently on the Mountain in the Sky that Callahan's Voice told them about. Once they get there, Callahan introduces Dave, an artificial intelligence machine that could guide them the rest of the way there. Sarah doesn't trust Dave, although Henry tells her that she's being too suspicious of him. Hank starts to get worried as he feels as someone is following them. Henry tells him not to worry.

A Reason

Henry's gang grows ever suspicious of Dave as they travel to the Wayfinder's location. Hank sees a figure approaching them, and it turns out to be Holly, who was trying to protect her son because a feeling came over her. Holly tells Henry to be careful, as things may not be as they seem. Holly, then, wanted to hear her husband's voice again. Callahan's Voice tells her what he told Henry and to go with him. But, Holly tells them that Piggy would be a useful ally in this mission, although Dave tells her not to go find him. She goes to find Piggy for his help and Henry and his friends keep moving to find the Wayfinder.

A Problem

Henry and his friends, along with Dave, finally arrive at the Wayfinder's location. Dave says they need to venture into the dark cave and obtain the Wayfinder. Dave's hologram then shuts off and doesn't turn back on. Sarah said she had a bad feeling about this, although Henry dismissed her saying that she was just paranoid. They walk inside and find the Wayfinder. Before they pick it up, a group of armed Red Soldiers barge into the room and tell them to surrender. They don't surrender and try to fight them off, although the Red Soldiers gain the upper hand and take them, prisoner. When they arrive, a shadowed figure floats in front of them. He introduces himself as HE, the only name HE has. HE said that they were his prisoners and that he was only keeping them alive to let them see the destruction unfold. As soon as he said that, the islands started shaking and suddenly giant airships brake out of the water. They, slowly, fly up into the clouds and stay in a tight formation. HE laughs and says that they will see their precious island burn. Henry tries to shout for Dave, but HE stops him and states that HE is DAVE. HE shouts something into his communications device and a huge laser comes down from the heavens, landing on Piggy Island, supposedly murdering hundreds. Immediately Henry screams in agony, while HE just laughs. HE tells Henry that most of anyone he loved was gone, and exits the room, leaving only the guards to watch over him.

One Speck of Hope?

Henry, still in shock, stares at the floor, while his friends struggle to free themselves. Henry whispered to himself, that Red was dead, all of Bubbles' Flock, gone. Becky says that it wasn't his fault, but Henry is convinced that it was. He should have known something was up with Dave. He should have. Soon the guards leave the room because they were called by Malice to the ship. Once the guards completely leave the room, Sarah melts the chains on her by heating herself up. She frees the rest of her friends and convinces Henry to go on. They realize they have to fight for the lost. They go outside and see several ships going up to formation, but one was still somewhat low in the atmosphere. They saw a ship flying up to it and concluded that it was Malice's ship. They soon see Reece and the group and meet up with them.

One Call?

They board a shuttle and infiltrate the Battle Station. They run around and fight until Malice begins to smash the multiverse. They find the engine room and give Silver enough time to blow up the engines, making the ship come crashing down to the earth.

The Battle of the Xyresic

The Battle of the Xyresic is a combination of both stories and mashes together all the Birds in those two stories.


After the Xyresic crashes, General Wroth orders several transports to head down to the crashed ship and support Malice. The birds fight many waves of Interfectors and claim victory for many until the Xyresics send down Sally and her group to deal with them. The birds begin to lose ground and eventually are overpowered and trapped in a small circle by several Interfectors.


Suddenly in the distance, a tiny banner can be seen. A banner with the Golden Egg as the emblem. The figure holding it was soon revealed. It was Piggy, he held the banner tight with strength as he walked further to the peak of the hill and stuck the banner down into the soil. Malice quickly ordered his Interfectors to go presumably kill him, until a low rumble was heard. The rumble turned into a shake and then a huge tremor. Blue light appeared in the shape of disks around Piggy, and opened to a circle and swallowed the screen with its' light. Then it stopped, and one Bird appeared with Piggy, then another, and another, and another. Soon so many appeared they were too numerous to count. All with banners depicting the same symbol of an certain animal. Soon the same happened to the sky, and the waters, and everything. Ships of many sizes and colors, with many markings, even flying green men. Holly appeared with Piggy and began the attack. Slingshots were used and the Pigs began to fly. Birds ran, the ships roared. The journey behind us no longer mattered, the journey ahead of us did.

Malice and his troops sat in shock at the army, the Universe Flock, and ordered all ships to attack the alien beings. Malice got his sword out and began to rally his troops to fight the Birds. Every single transport was sent out and the battle truly began. Henry and his friends had the chance to free themselves, and they took it and overpowered Malice's overwhelmed soldiers that surrounded them. They took back their light swords and challenged Malice. Malice decided that he and Henry should duel alone and took Henry's spirit and put it into the Spiritual Realm. Malice explained that this realm was a hub world for spirits, and some other apparitions. The world also held all of their spirits and that it was a mirror of the world. The Spiritual Realm was dark and green. Words of green littered the air and it seemed space-like. Malice and Henry began to fight, and Malice was a clear better fighter. Malice soon grew tired of the dueling and disarmed Henry to show him something. In the real realm, the New Imperial Order was losing, they had lost several ships and it wasn't a matter of time until they completely lost. General Wroth asked Malice to use the Seventh Circle, Malice approved. A huge ship, the size of several Xyresics rose out of the ground. It had a large gun in the center, and it was captained by Captain Doth. Wroth ordered Doth to fire, but hesitated for long enough so that one of the officiers around him pushed the fire button. The two guns fired into the air and made a ball of power that spread out and took out the ships in the air and even on the ground. Everyone was knocked out and unable to move. Malice showed this to Henry cried out to his friends, but no response came, as they could not hear him. Malice told him that he would do whatever it took to make a point. Whatever was necessary to show that this was corrupt. The universes were corrupted, not by just him, but rather the Creators themselves. Henry cried out in agony to Malice that he would die for this. Malice simply responded that he had died before. Henry grabbed his light sword secretly and put it behind his back and decided to catch Malice off guard. Then Malice began to shout something to Henry. That the universe wasn't good. It was flawed, and corrupted. A real universe existed out there with a point, but he didn't know which it was. He realised long ago that his friends weren't real, just husks of what he thought were his friends. He found out that certain people had actual humanity to them and that not all of the people were fake. He sounded crazy and false, as this page is the only universe that should matter to him. Would he know about us? No, he wouldn't. Henry found his opportunity to strike when Malice wanted him to join him. He stabbed Malice in the chest, and left him laying on the ground. Malice, before he died, said his last words to Henry:

Malice - “The truth behind our reality, is that... that, our reality is not truth. It is a lie, all of it. The CREATOR is keeping us here, and I don’t know why...”

Henry - “You liar! You killed my friends, my family, all I ever wanted.”

Malice - “Henry. Henry. Henry. You have freewill, something most of us don't have. The path you are heading down is not good. One day you will realise that you will just repeat the same things over and over again.”

(Henry begins to walk out to the real realm)

Malice - “Good luck Henry. I am sorry. Truly sorry."

Henry steps through the blue portal, not looking back as a shadow appears upon Malice. The portal closes to reveal his friends waiting for him at home. Finally everyone was at peace and happy. The New Imperial Order had been defeated and all of remnants of the Order were being swept away. Finally, the Multiverse was rid of evil, and peace reigned.


A final bit of dialogue to explain what happened years after.

"You know, 20 years ago, evil triumphed, but finally it was defeated. Gone, just like that! I know! That sounds wonderful! And it is! Life has been good for us, four children! Can you believe it? Great kids. Just sometimes... just sometimes I think... what his last words were. They haunt me to this day. I've never seen anyone so insane, but dedicated. Sometimes I wonder if there is a reality that is truly "real". But then I realise that this universe is the real reality. Although, I still wonder what he meant by free will. Doesn't everyone here have it? I mean, my wife did. My kids do. Mom and Dad did... I truly don't know. Anyway, onto another topic. I've been having these weird dreams lately. They all tell the same tale. A balloon creates an object, and a fox tampers with the object in a way to make it seem better. But always in the end, the object crumbles. Usually a person or force tries to stop the fox, but the balloon always stops it. Weird huh? Uh, I gotta go, the Wife's calling me. Heh. I suppose these recordings will leave a piece of me behind. I want to be remembered. I just hope... I just hope."

It cuts to a black screen with the words "Thank you!" at the top and an image of everyone together. Many minutes pass, and a fox head greets you. It tells you that the choice is yours. That you could join her and live, or reject her and die. You are given an option to pick either or. If you pick "join her", it cuts to the same image of everyone together. If you pick "reject her", it cuts to black, and the credits roll.


The gameplay of Angry Birds: A Silver Lining is similar to past games in the franchise, although with some changes. Angry Birds: A Silver Lining uses the original style of gameplay, which is launching Birds at enemies guarded by materials. The game uses the card system, like past games. However, any card can be chosen at any time. Any card within the maximum of five cards can be chosen immediately.

Special Attacks

Special Attacks, such as Spells and Mighty Creatures, can be used if you find the power-up in the level. For example, the Mighty Eagle can be unlocked once per level once the Mighty Card is found. These special cards don't count as a card and don't take up card space. Special cards have a rarity, as Mighty Cards, such as the Mighty Eagle and Ultimate Turkey, are rare, and Spells are fairly common. They are tapped to be found.

Type Image Rarity Description
Spell TBA Very Common Rains rubber ducks on unknowing victims.
Spell TBA Common Turns all materials into ice materials and shakes the screen, possibly knocking structures down.
Spell TBA Uncommon Uses a chili pepper to explode an enemy.

Special Abilities

Sarah's Flock, along with their normal attacks, have Special Abilities that can be triggered once per level. They are stronger attacks that recharge once used. This only applies to Sarah's Flock.


Henry’s Story

Title Image Type World Number Enemies
A Message.
Wooded Forest Teaser-0
(Grass) 1 Minion Pigs, Helmet Pigs, Rogue Birds.
A Wayfinder.
Mountain in the Sky Teaser1
(Mountains) 2 Masked Strangers, Minion Pigs, Rogue Hogs, Pigstruction Pigs, Pulley-ed Pork
A Reason.
(Beach) 3 ???
A Problem.
A problemTeaser1
(Underground Facility/Cave) 4 ???
One Speck of Hope?
(Airfield/Star Ship) 5 ???
One Call?
One Call1
(Battle Station) 6 ???


Name Image Ability Special Ability Description Level Unlocked
Henry dives at a specific location when tapped, and then can yell at another location if tapped again. Henry suddenly spins around, knocking down buildings and popping enemies. Ever since his parents' disappearances, Henry has wanted to find them, until he heard a voice... A Message. Level 1-1
Causes the materials around her to be encased in a bubble and float up. After a couple of seconds, the materials will come crashing down, along with Becky herself. Becky inflates like Bubbles destroying materials and enemies. Becky and her parents were never exactly close, although her dad tried to be. It was only until she met the others that she felt truly loved. A Message. Level 1-5
Hankasl (1)
Hank throws a rock at the area tapped, causing large amounts of damage. Hank throws several rocks in a 360 circle. Hank didn't have parents that were famous, unlike Henry and Becky, but he did grow up well, and quite properly. A Message. Level 1-10
Causes the materials around her to burst into flames and burn up, or become weakened. Sarah lets out a fire shock wave, burning everything in its' way. Sarah never knew her real parents, as they were never found. She was left with just a scarf with fire markings at the Featherson residence by an unknown bird. A Message. Level 1-15


Name Image Description Ability
Minion Pig
Pig Minion Pig
Just another minion. Nothing, just sits around and stares.
Helmet Pig
Helmet Pig
Just another minion, but with a helmet! So it's different I guess? Nothing, just sits and stares at its' incoming demise.
Rogue Bird TBA "You know," the Rogue stated, "The Pigs aren't as bad as the old stories told them as. They just can be a little hungry at times." Nothing, just sits and squawks.

Red’s Story

Title Image Type World Number Enemies
One Message? TBA (Plains) 1
  • Rogue Birds
  • Cirrocumulus
  • Barbarian Pigs
One Wayfinder? TBA (Isles) 2
  • Pig Planes
  • Planting Pigs
  • Rogue Hogs
One Reason? TBA (Water) 3
  • Rogue Birds
  • Cirrocumulus
  • Barbarian Pigs
  • Minion Pigs
  • Helmet Pigs
One Trap? TBA (Cave) 4 ???
One Escape? TBA (Airfield) 5 ???
A Saber. TBA (Ship) 6 ???


Name Image Description Ability Level Unlocked
MightyRed-By CL2000-
Red is the original Angry Bird. Truely. Red lets out a shockwave in front of him knocking over builds. One Message? 1-1
20130404-Chuck (1)
Chuck talks so fast, in fact he even thinks fast, although he was never a genius compared to his sister. Chuck speeds up when tapped and is best with wooden materials One Message? 2-1
Silver is a genius, although she couldn't foresee Malice. No one could. Silver loops once tapped and comes crashing down. One Message? 3-1
He still eats dirt. Somehow. Bomb blows up once tapped. One Wayfinder? 2-1


Music Context

The Main Theme

The Main Theme, also known as Henry's Theme in the files, is used when the game is first opened and loads the title screen.

The Cirrocumulus Theme

The Cirrocumulus Theme, also known as Cloudifer's Theme in the files, is used in cutscenes relating to Cloudifer and/or Cirrocumulus.

Castle Theme

The Castle Theme, also known as the Boss Level 1 in the files, is used in levels that have a boss in it.

Malice's Theme

Malice's Theme, also known as Cloud Evil in the files, is used in cutscenes and some levels that have the New Imperial Order or Malice in it.

Final Boss?

Final Boss? also known as Final Boss Earth, is used in the first phase of the Final Boss fight with Malice.

Spiritual Evils

Spiritual Evils, also known as Final Boss Spirit, is used in the last phase of the Final Boss fight with Malice.

Fight and Flight!

Fight and Flight is used in the first mini-boss level of the first world.

Finale/Journey Behind Us.

Rise of the Birds, and the end of tyranny.


World Gallery


  • Angry Birds: A Silver Lining is the final game in the Angry Birds Universe, but it is not the end for the Squid Timeline.
  • It is rumored that almost every character made by SweetSquidtea will appear in this game, although it is unknown how.
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