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Angry Birds: Biggest Battle is an RPG game opposed to Angry Birds Epic. It was released October 7, 2015.


The pigs are outraged with the birds' constant prevailing. They created their greatest forces yet. The Flock will need more than just a slingshot to stop the pigs...


Bird Attack Power Second Power Rage Chilli Power
Red Attack: Deals # x 3 damage. Defensive Formation: Target bird receives 50% less damage and all other birds receive 40% less damage. Heroic Strike: Deals # damage to enemy with most health.
Chuck Zoom: Deals # damage to all enemies. Lightning Fast: Target bird immediately attacks a random enemy. Speed of Light: Immediately lauches 5 attacks from random birds.
The Blues Itching Powder: Immediately removes all helpful effects from target. Deals # damage. Cheer: 100% chance to remove all harmful effects from birds. Attack damage is increased by 15%. Lasts 3 turns. Egg Surprise: Deal # damage to a random enemy, stun a random enemy for 1 turn, remove all helpful effects from a random enemy.
Bomb Pummel: Deals # damage. Strength: All birds' attack power is increased by 25%. Explode: Deals # damage to all enemies.
Matilda Thorny Vine: Deals # damage. Target also takes # damage for next 3 turns. Regrowth: Heals target by # and heals other birds by #. Matilda's Medicine: All birds are healed by 35% of their maximum health. All harmful effects are rmoved.
Terence Lightning: Deals # to all enemies. Boulders: Deals # damage to a random enemy. Earthquake: Deals # damage to all enemies. Renmoves all helpful effects from all enemies.
Hal Boomerang: Deals # damage to all enemies. Reduces attack damage to same enemy by 25% for 3 turns. Disorient: Prevents enemies from dealing damage greater than #. Superang: Deals # damage to all enemies. Reduces attack damage to all enemies by 50%.
Bubbles Sticky Chocolate: Deals # damage. Taregt also takes # damage for next 3 turns. Cupcake Trap: Forces all enemies to attack target bird  and suffer 100% damage dealt. Lasts 2 turns. Inflate: Deals # damage to random enemy, stuns same enemy, and deals # damage to all other enemies.
  • Stella - Traps enemies in bubbles and making them fall back down afterwards (32 HP power damage)
  • Chet - Zips around enemies while beating them up (80 HP power damage)
  • Om Nom (ally) -Throws candy at enemies (55 HP power damage)
  • Nyan - Fires a rainbow at the selected enemy
  • Penguins (allies) - powers vary (HP power damage varies)
  • Boomer - Shoots 4 firework rockets at selected enemy (HP power damage varies between 70 HP and 100 HP)