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Angry Birds: BoL is a game based on Angry Birds. It has most of the regular birds from Angry Birds and its sequel; Angry Birds 2. (Whoever else wants to help with this, can)


The pigs haven't given up. Neither has the flock! Defeat pigs and breed birds that have golden ribbons to get awsome pre-made names for a new fusion and you get to choose its shape. Note: This must be discussed with the other player and then chosen. You also get limited time BIRDS! Buy them for in-game coins and unleash the power.


  • Advanced Ability (Based on the type of costume they wear)
  • Breeding (From Facebook or another website like it)
  • Notebook (To mark down fusion from which bird)
  • New birds!
  • Costumizer (To choose a character that the bird has been portrayed by: Each 800 Bird Seeds)


Red - Unlocked at the beginning