Angry birds: 2 Birds captured is a new game of Angry Birds. The King Pig captured Blue Bird (like the original description of Angry Birds: 50) and boomerang bird.

Splash screen


Red Bird - Screams

Yellow Bird - Speeds up when tapped

Black Bird - Explodes when tapped

White Bird - Drops an egg bomb - when tapped

Big Brother Bird - Moans

Orange Bird - Inflates when tapped

Lavender Bird - Inflates and explodes when tapped

Purple Bird - Eats any pig when tapped

Racketball Bird - Bounces 3 times when tapped

Pink Bird - Turns into a ball of plasma

Goggle Birds - Have more than 1 ability

Dancing Bird - Summons Backup Birds

Mud Bird - Shoots mud

Midnight Bird - Kills all pigs faster

Suite Bird - Drops a pink egg bomb

Gemini Bird - Clones into a 100s and 1000s of birds

You can add birds but only registred users.


Small Pig

Medium Pig

Large Pig

Helmet Pig

Moustache Pig

King Pig

Red Pig

Metal Pig

Tornado Pig

Giga Pig


1.Captured birds

2.Go to the hills?

3.This way!

4.The Big setup

5.Kill king and tornado pig

6.King's revenge

7.Rescue birds


Golden Eggs

Golden Balls

  • Captured Birds
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