The pigs got all birds but orange bird puff and one pig die and kill a other pig and one pig make the orange one trap and puff and break the trap. You play as Brown Bird and Orange Bird but similar to them.

Me only edit.

What the picture look like for brown bird's in the help.

Brown Bird (real)
Orange bird rip
Angry Birds BaOB Chapter 1

First Level

== Color Feathers levels ==

1-1 Orange the Puff (Beating the level you save brown bird)

1-2 Brown is BACK!

1-3 Forwards

1-4 Puff Forwards

1-5 The BIG pigs

1-6 The orange

1-7 Smells like piggies

1-8 Forwards and Backwards

1-9 Balloon bird

1-10 Blow harder!

1-11 Browns Backwards

1-12 Blow like balloons

1-13 Very orange

1-14 Wood to Ice

1-15 Helmet Pig the rock head pig

1-16 Go Backward

1-17 Blow and Orange

1-18 Feathers blow

1-19 Browns are Oranges

1-20 Helmet Pig not King pig

2-1 Pigs to pig

2-2 Team brown (This level has 6 brown birds and no orange birds)

2-3 Rock and Roll

2-4 Orange Blow up?

2-5 Puff like the clouds

2-6 Drifting Away

2-7 Inside the Forest

2-8 Let's Go!

2-9 Bubbles Angry

2-10 Chet Seriously Jealous

2-11 Brown and Orange Rescue

2-12 Mighty in Trouble!

2-13 At the Eastern Cobalt Cliffs

2-14 Birds Captured!

2-15 Pigs Kidnapped!

2-16 In the Far East

2-17 Golden Fields

2-18 TNT Pigs!

2-19 In the Desert

2-20 Old Pig?

3-1 Return of Red

3-2 Pigs and Birds Free!

3-20 King Pig here!

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