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Angry Birds: Bubbles is a spin-off game for the character Bubbles, that was released on January 26, 2017. It was created by Rovio and Nevrade Entertainment. It currently is free to download on the App Store and the Google Store. The follow-up game is Angry Birds 3: The Final Flocktier.


There are currently 14 worlds in Angry Birds: Bubbles. (Excluding Final Chapter Levels)

  1. Coal Plains,
  2. Candy World,
  3. Piggy Beach,
  4. Pigstruction
  5. Pigs can Fly,
  6. Dreamland,
  7. Winter Wonderhog,
  8. Aquatic Poachers,
  9. Piggy City's Polka,
  10. Pork Fortress,
  11. Coal Plains (Dawn)
  12. No-Hog's Space
  13. Pork Station
  14. The Decipiger

The Final Chapter

The Final Chapter Update (4.0) includes several new worlds, each in a separate section than the main game. Each theme has three different sections.

  1. Sugary Clouds
  2. Frosted Waters
  3. Dreamy Towers
  4. Crystal Caverns
  5. Mysterious Island
  6. Pigstruction Castle


The story is that Bubbles and Hal find a candy trail placed by the Bad Piggies. They followed the trail and they were captured and sent to an island named All Terra, known for its' strange and often beautiful landscapes, located near Piggy Island. They find several other birds locked and he breaks out of his cage and frees them as the levels go by.

Once most of the birds are freed, the flock discovers a plot to destroy Bird Island by constructing a huge laser above the planet's atmosphere, named the "Decipiger", it will decimate anything in its way.

The Flock are soon able to board the Decipiger and after fighting the Piggy Mech, the battle station is destroyed. The birds have a victory celebration after this. After that cutscene, King Smoothcheeks is shown smiling in the darkness leading to Angry Birds 3: The Final Flocktier.

Meanwhile, Supreme Ruler Cirrocumulus, or King Cumulus as he is better known as, breaks out of the Piggy Prison located in Pigstruction and wreaks havoc upon the pigs, causing King Pig to make a deal with King Cumulus that if he helps them steal the eggs, he will get his Kingdom back. King Cumulus agreed to this deal and helped steal the eggs. Bubbles' Flock while on vacation caught wind of this and attempted to get the eggs back, although Bubbles' Flock was able to cripple the King's forces it was not enough to get back the eggs. King Cumulus requests backup from the pig army and with the additional troops was able to beat the flock and entrap them in Dreamland. The Flock in Dreamland are separated and have no way to regroup. Soon they find each other in their dreams and are able to destroy the King's forces once again. King Cumulus then travels to the Mysterious Island and steals the Diamond Turtle. Bubbles and his flock go after him but are unable to retrieve the stolen items.


The gameplay is focused on sling shooting birds at buildings like its previous games. The game is won by shooting birds at the green Bad Piggies and pop them. The gameplay is similar to Angry Birds Friends and has very similar sprites (Version 1.7 and before). The new versions are more like Angry Birds 2 or Angry Birds Messenger.

Stars are gained by the number of popped piggies and the remaining bird's score. One star is average, two stars are excellent, and three stars is experienced.

Coins are earned by popping piggies and can be bought with real money. The coins are used for buying spells and power-ups.

Spells can be used to help the birds to destroy the pigs and (or) levels. They can be bought or bought with coins. These spells include Rubber Ducky, Chilly Pepper, Pigquake!, and Pig Mover.

The Rubber Ducky spell is similar to the Rubber Ducky in Angry Birds 2. It (when activated) rains rubber duckies on the structures.

The Chilly Pepper spell is similar to the Chilly Pepper Spell in Angry Birds 2. When activated, the spell throws a pepper randomly at a pig and makes it explode.

The Pigquake! spell is similar to the Birdquake! power-up in Angry Birds.

The Pig Mover spell is similar to the power-up in Angry Birds Messenger, named,Pig Swap, which switches pigs.

Also, in certain levels there is a boss battle similar to Angry Birds Space's bosses. Every three worlds there is a trio of bosses, starting in Coal Plains, the next boss battles will be in Pigstruction and so on. These bosses are Iggy, Piggy, and Zach. The final boss is the Piggy Mech, which is fought on the Decipiger.

Birds Abilities

The birds included in the game are Bubbles, Hal, Gummi, Logan, Holly, Hallow, as well as Callahan.

Hal is the only bird that is a returning character and has the same ability, unlike Bubbles. Bubbles' ability is to inflate into a small ball several times. Hal's ability is to come back like a boomerang. They are most effective against wood, ice, and glass.

Logan is the first new bird to be introduced. His ability is to slash in front of him. He is most effective against wood.

Gummi is the next bird added. Gummi's ability is to "sick up" blocks of any kind and destroy surrounding materials. He is most effective against candy blocks.

Holly can be compared to the Blues in a way, as her ability is to break glass in a large 360 area. She is only effective against glass and some wood.

Callahan is the next bird, and he is a pelican and his ability is to dive in a negative 45-degree angle and destroy whatever's in his way as he dives. He is most effective against stone and glass.

The Dark Knight was added after, and her abilities are to throw an arrow at different areas. She is not part of the flock and is only helping to protect herself. She is really effective against materials like wood.

The next bird is strong Ultimate Turkey. This bird is extremely powerful and can finish levels for you. He is effective against everything.

The other returning bird is Red. He has the same ability as in Angry Birds 2 and is very useful in levels with towers. Red is most effective at taking down buildings with his war-cry.

The most recent returning bird is the Blues, they have the same abilities as Angry Birds, in which they split into three birds and cause major damage to ice structures. They are best at breaking ice and glass.

The last returning bird is Silver. She has the same ability from her debut, which she loops up and comes crashing down. She is effective at breaking stone, although other materials can be broken as well.

The current final bird is Hallow, he is very similar to the Jar-Jar Binks bird from Angry Birds Star Wars II. He uses his beak to grab on to a ledge and swing in a direction. The main difference is that Hallow is stronger and can break stone easily. He is effective at breaking stone, but is very weak at smashing through glass and ice.




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