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Angry Birds: Candy World is a puzzle game in development by Rovio and It was released in April 13, 2013.


This game is the multi-task Angry Birds that similar to Candy Crush Saga. There are five game types.

Birds Levels: Use all birds to make the high score without pigs in the level.

Classic Levels: Clear all pigs and reach the target score to complete the level.

Special Delivery Levels: Bring all fruits which are in the top of the towers to the platform.

Time Levels: You are in the car and have unlimited birds in this level. You have to use birds to destroy the pig's fortress to reach the target score in a certain of time.

One Shot Levels: Kill the pigs and destroy the blocks according in the order in one shot to win.

Note: Killing all pigs is not necessary in Time and One Shot.


There are one more episode every month. Every episodes contain 15 levels each. Below is the list of episodes.

Episode No. Episode Name Levels Difficulty New Features
1 Cake City 1-15 Easy
  • Birds Levels
  • Classic Levels
  • Special Delivery Levels
2 Dizzy Donut 16-30 Easy
3 Cookie Club 31-45 Considerably hard
4 Popcorn Palace 46-60 Hard
5 Lollipop Meadow 61-75 Medium
6 Bonbon Bakery 76-90
7 Seasame Swirl 91-105
8 Crispy Cream 106-120
9 Raisin Ranch 121-135
10 Gummy Grass 136-150
11 Cereal Carnival 151-165
12 Fizzy Factory 166-180
13 Peppermint Palooza 181-195
14 Milky Mill 196-210
15 Jelly Bean Bungalow 211-225
16 Smoothie Swamp 226-240
17 Floating Fudge 241-255
18 Cupcake Cinema 256-270
19 Honeybee Hut 271-285
20 Funny Fiesta 286-300
21 Twilight Temple 301-315