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Angry Birds: Captured to Bloons Land is a game.In this game the birds are captured by the pigs and sent to Bloons Land.Unlike Angry Birds and Bloons TD5, the pigs captured and sent to Bloons Land.


The birds were playing when a King Pig appeared with a cage and put the birds to the cage.Then the King gave the cage to Freckled Pig and ordered it to send it to the Bloons Land (the birds were sent there like when they were sent to Rio).There they met Dart Monkey, Boomerang Thrower, Super Monkey, Mortar Monkey and Monkey Gunner.There the birds became the Towers version (they were still birds but they changed their attack).The Towers also became their helpers and the killers of Pigs, as well as Bloons (the Bloons TD Balloons).


  • Red: Throws a dart at a selected area which can pierce anything.
  • Chuck: Shoots out a huge bolt that can pierce anything but dies after a short destruction.
  • Bomb: Throws a bomb at the selected area instead of exploding itself.
  • AI: Throws out a boomerang instead of boomeranging itself.
  • Bubbles: Same as before.
  • Stella: Again,same.


  • Dart Monkey
  • Monkey Apprentice
  • Spike Factory
  • Super Monkey

More coming soon!

Pigs and Balloons[]

  • All the non-fanon pigs (including Freckled Pig and Mechanic Pig)
  • Red Balloon
  • Green Balloon
  • Pink Balloon
  • Black Balloon
  • Rainbow Balloon
  • D.K.A.B (Death King of All the Balloons)

How To Use Towers[]

  • To use the towers you must buy them (each costs $25) first (one purchase, unlimited use).Dart Monkeys are already available.
  • If you have a tower in your inventory, take it out and put it near the slingshot or near the pig structre (Better choice: Near the Pig Structre).


  • This is the second game that has new enemies besides Pigs (the first is Angry Birds Rio).
  • This is the first game where a new enemy-killer appears besides Birds (Cheetos is actually a bird).