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Angry Birds: Championship Edition is a game from Apple. The people who become a champion and beat the game on the original Angry Birds mostly retire on to this game that is way harder than the original game. The birds' powers use the property called "Champion". It lets the birds have the same power, but 3 to 5 times stronger than usual.

Theme Song

Angry Birds Summer Pignic Theme

Angry Birds Summer Pignic Theme

App Price

  • iPhone: 0.98¢
  • iPad: Free

Bird Powers

In this champ game, the Birds change their powers. Here they are.


Red Bird

Yellow Bird Blue Birds Black Bird White Bird Green Bird Big Bro Orange Bird Pink Bird


Screams So Loud

Cuts All The Way Through Splits Into 11 Explodes Everything Lays Bigger Egg Bombs Goes Back and Hits The Ground, starting an earthquake Smashes Every Thing Inflates 8x Bigger Than Original Make 29 Bubbles and Could Control Them with Arrow Keys
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