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Angry Birds Chaos is a upcoming game to be released July 2nd 2012.

PLOT The Flock is even angrier than before with the Pigs stealing their eggs! This drives them off the dee p end and their powers are at the limit! Get ready for chaos!


Red Bird: can scream, it causes shockwaves that knock out Pigs in its radius.

Blue Bird: can now clone into five birds and can break through metal.

Yellow Bird: speeds very fast and slices through Pigs and blocks, when finished turns around like the Green Bird.

Black Bird: Can explode at almost atomic levels, causes shockwaves that injure the Pigs the bird missed.

White Bird: shoots three eggs instead of one, causes little damage.

Green Bird: shoots like a boomerang, when it's finished, turns around from the structure. Can break metal.

Orange Bird: Inflates like normal, but explodes like Black Bird instead of deflating.

Ice Bird: makes atomic-like ice explosion that make anything around him ice.

Hockey Bird: A new bird. Can shoot fire pucks when tapped/clicked.

Skunkbird: A new bird, originally a joke. Can shoot skink bombs when tapped/clicked.


Small Pig

Medium Pig

Large Pig

Helmet Pig

Mustache Pig

King Pig

Robot Pig: Takes a Black Bird to defeat. Has tough armor.

Armor Pig: same as Robot Pig.

Power Pig: A strong Pig, is immune to all attacks except White, Orange, and Green Birds. The three birds are his weakness.

Giga Pig: a giant boss Pig who can only be defeated by Immune Blocks.

Ice Pig: Is immune to every attack except Hockey Bird.

Fire Pig. Is immune to every attack except Ice Bird.

Ultimapig: the final boss. Is the strongest pig of all, and can onlybe beaten by Ultimate Blocks.




Metal Glass

Power Blocks: are useful to defeat Pigs.

Immune Blocks: cannot be destroyed, are the weakness of Giga Pig.

Ultimate Block: the most powerful block, can beat Ultimapig.



A Hog Suprize

Dangerous Utopia

Ultimate Power

Danger Zone: similar to AB Space's version.