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Angry Birds: Chronicles of the Unique Flock
General Info
Premiere Date: February 6th 2020
Aired on: YouTube
Ended on: Unknown
Created by: Rovio Animation


Language: English
Number of Seasons: Unknown (2 so far)
Number of Episodes: Unknown (28 so far)
Average Episode Running Time: 19 minutes and 59 seconds
Starring: Bill Fragerblake (only known actor so far)
Budget: $450,000 per episode
Genre: Comedy, Adventure, Romance (occasionally) and Action
MPAA Rating: TV-PG

Angry Birds: Chronicles of the Unique Flock (Stylized Angry Birds the Chronicles of the Unique Flock) is an American/Finnish animated series inspired by Yoshifan1219's Unique Flock creations on DevianArt, so it focuses on them, their enemies and their origins, They also show us what they do for fun. It was first shown on the Angry Birds YouTube channel and was first teased on Rovio's Facebook page.

MPAA Rating

It is rated PG due to animated violence, scary scenes that may scare young children and very mild crude humor. Mild coarse language and minor swearing is included as it includes words like "Idiot", "Dimwit", "Shut up", "Stupid", "Butt", "Oh my God", "Dumb" and "Jeez". Drug use isn't included in this series.



For now, they are two seasons, Each with 14 episodes.

Season 1

Episode Number Episode Name Description Air Date Running Time Director Writer(s)
S1E01 When We Were Young Reece, a small hatching, all alone in the middle of Square Woods, meets a lonely piglet named Riba. When getting along with each other, King Pig shows up and manipulates Riba's mind to turn him into an enemy and attacks Riba and Reece. Will he escape alive and well? or will he be a roast turkey? February 6th, 2020 20 minutes and 4 seconds Clay Kaytis Ian Carney
S1E02 Friendship Replacements Now a target to Riba, Reece faints and is found by a strange multicolored bird. They get along with each other very well and explore the island like a completely new planet. Meanwhile, Riba finds Nili and decides to team up with her. February 20th, 2020 19 minutes and 54 seconds TBA TBA
S1E03 The Mystic Crystal Rainbow Finds a map to the Mysterious Mystic Crystal, A powerful gemstone that can make any weapon stronger in an instant. Riba and Nili spot their quest and venture to this rare gem. Who will obtain it, the birds or the pigs? March 5th, 2020 19 minutes and 59 seconds TBA TBA
S1E04 Cloud Trek While exploring the Crown Mountains, Rainbow spots a strange shooting star in the daylight sky, Reece goes and Investigates this unlikely happening and goes hunt for it. What will he find? March 19th, 2020 19 minutes and 57 seconds TBA TBA
S1E05 Bouncy Bird Bounci When Rainbow notices loud wailing outside her tree, she realizes it is coming from a rounded, purple, homeless bird named Bounci. she introduces him to the flock, but the others have to get used to him and his depression. April 2nd, 2020 19 minutes and 56 seconds TBA TBA
S1E06 Pig City Torture While exploring Old Nesting Barrows, Reece sees a sounder of pigs circling something. Reece finds out that they are circling a PIG, Believe it or not. What will Reece do to this young swine? April 16th, 2020 20 minutes and 1 second TBA TBA
S1E07 Relic Relief The Unique Flock venture to an abandoned temple for a valuable relic. meanwhile, Riba appears at the temple for the exact same reason, Reece battles his new enemy for the pricey relic. April 30th 2020 20 minutes and 2 seconds TBA TBA
S1E08 Clash of the Clan Riba, Nili, and Professor Pamelton reveal Eugene, Rod, Ozie, Arther and Parker to us as they attempt to steal a large emerald. Meanwhile, Reece shows the Unique Flock magic and reveals the origins of his wand. May 14th 2020 20 minutes TBA TBA
S1E09 Romance, Love, Dates and Grapes As Cloudifer gets too nervous to ask Reece out, she asks Rainbow and Bounci to set things right, but they just make it worse by setting up a dinner table. Meanwhile, Nili tries to talk to Riba. May 28th 2020 19 minutes and 58 seconds TBA TBA
S1E10 Girls of a Feather Rainbow and Cloudifer have a girls night out so they can watch all their stress vanish and have fun while avoiding Nili. Meanwhile, Reece, Bounci and Piggy takeover Reece's house for fun and games. June 11th 2020 19 minutes and 59 seconds TBA TBA
S1E11 Paindrops When a rainstorm hits Piggy Island, Cloudifer's shyness takes over as she tries to figure out her exact nature and why she exists. While Piggy decides to do some "Rainy day activities" to pass the time. June 25th 2020 20 minutes and 1 second TBA TBA
S1E12 Pranks 101 Rainbow and Piggy team up so they can play a prank on anyone they can mention. When they realise that the two are doing this, Reece, Cloudifer and Bounci decide to step up and do something… what will they do. July 9th 2020 20 minutes and 1 second TBA TBA
S1E13 Airstrikes When Arther teams up with Parker, they realise that they… are… UNSTOPPABLE! But before any of that stuff happens. Arther teaches Parker the Basics of flying. Trust him, it was difficult. July 23rd 2020 19 minutes and 52 seconds TBA TBA
S1E14 The Reece-Riba War I When Riba declares a war on the Unique Flock, Reece orders the others to train for battle, While Riba is doing the EXACT same thing. This then engages their determination levels to… turbo mode. August 6th 2020 20 minutes and 2 seconds TBA TBA

Season 2

Episode Number Episode Name Description Air Date Running Time Director Writer(s)
S2E01 Recovery After the drastic brawl that terrorised Piggy Island ended, the Unique Flock celebrate. However, Riba forces his clan to train more to get a head start in case of a possible future apocalyptic event that could, once again, end lives. January 28th, 2021 20 minutes and 3 seconds TBA TBA
S2E02 We Meet Again King Pig plans a meeting with Riba to discuss about the Unique Flock, but he needs a spy to find their weak spots, none other than… Arther, but this IS his first time on the job, but it is most likely to… well… fail. February 11th, 2021 19 minutes and 55 seconds TBA TBA
S2E03 The Campout Reece plans a Campout to get the Unique Flock closer to nature. Rainbow gets more excited than ever, but the rest aren't really that much, ESPECIALLY Cloudifer, as no one knows what could happen to her… February 25th, 2021 19 minutes and 59 seconds TBA TBA
S2E04 Depression Management Rainbow tries to prevent Bounci from depression by taking him to the funfair, but somehow, he doesn't want to go, most likely, due to one despicable green figure… Riba… March 11th, 2021 19 minutes and 58 seconds TBA TBA
S2E05 Absolute Science Professor Pamelton creates a new form of life to kill Reece, however, it needs training and an artificial chip for it to think and move. But not only the creature needs training, Professor Pamelton needs it to. March 25th, 2021 20 minutes TBA TBA
S2E06 Bird Songs When Rainbow hears Cloudifer sing about Reece, she suggests that she should become a singer, and Cloudifer accepts this. However, she refuses to let Reece know about this, because he would FLIP if he knew! April 8th, 2021 19 minutes and 57 seconds TBA TBA
S2E07 One Bad Piggy Realising about what he did to Riba many years back, he plans to manipulate Piggy's mind to convince him to help him steal the Flock's eggs. But Piggy is one fast creature, and don't forget about his… grappling hook. April 22nd 2021 20 minutes and 1 second TBA TBA
S2E08 Hambushed When an "sounder" of fake Trooper Pigs appear outside of the Unique Flock's nesting grounds, the birds (and pig) realise that it was Riba and his clan's who were behind this, but the clan are not what they seem… May 6th 2021 19 minutes and 58 seconds TBA TBA
S2E09 Putting it Together Ozie is doing what he does best… making vehicles! Vehicles… to use against the Unique Flock! But how are the plans going to work if no one knows how to use it, well, it would obviously be, to teach them, but at the same time, he has to hide his embarrassing secret about the Unique Flock. May 20th 2021 20 minutes TBA TBA
S2E10 Funner Summer When summer comes, the Unique Flock do summer stuff, like swimming in the Limestone Lagoon and eating fresh, fresh, ice cream, but Riba, and his clan got other plans (#Rhyming) June 3rd 2021 19 minutes and 59 seconds TBA TBA
S2E11 The IQ Craze When Professor Pamelton secretly give the Unique Flock an IQ test, Piggy gets the worst score out of all of the flock, so he seeks a way to gain new intelligence. June 17th 2021 20 minutes and 2 second TBA TBA
S2E12 Two Worlds Separate When Reece goes outside for a while, he gets lost and unable to find his way back. But when a sounder of pigs come and worship him as a God, he tends to get unbelievably humiliated.

Meanwhile, Rainbow is in charge for now.

June 31st 2021 19 minutes and 56 seconds TBA TBA
S2E13 The Origin of Evil Riba declares that the rest of the Clan members tell their origin stories, like how Parker lost his sanity, or how Ozie built amazing machines, or how Arther wanted to fly. July 14th 2021 19 minutes and 55 seconds TBA TBA
S2E14 The Reece-Riba War II Riba, once again, declares war on the Unique Flock. While Reece, on the other hand, takes a rest. Because of this, Destroying them becomes so much easier, or does it… July 28th 2021 20 minutes and 3 seconds TBA TBA
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