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Angry Birds - Club Penguin Edition


Angry Birds: Club Penguin is a game on which both the Angry Birds and colored blobs fight against pigs. The main boss is Herbert P. Bear that appears in CP-15, and the mini-boss is Klutzy that appears in CP-6.



  • Red Bird - Screams.
  • Blue Bird - Splits into 3.
  • Yellow Bird - Speeds up.
  • Black Bird - Explodes.
  • White Bird - Drops an egg bomb.
  • Boomerang Bird - Acts like a boomerang.
  • Big Brother Bird - Moans.
  • Orange Bird - Inflates then pops.
  • Pink Bird - Traps stuff in bubbles.

Colored Blobs (colors in your CP inventory)

  • Old Blue - Being the oldest color, summons a Penguin Chat 3 penguin with the color Old Blue.
  • Blue - Acts like a dark blue boomerang.
  • Green - Shouts "Be green!" and summons a Recycle Sign boomerang that goes towards the pigs and back.
  • Pink - Inflates then pops. However, the inflation is sized like the purple ball in the Gift Shop, and popping summons 12 Green blobs.
  • Black - Darkens the sky for a bit and swoops down, defeating pigs it hits and breaking materials it also hits.
  • Yellow - Gets a propeller cap (the green one) and goes higher by spinning the propeller cap.
  • Purple - Similar to Pink, but summons 12 Yellow blobs instead of Green.
  • Brown - Swoops down in a bullet-from-a-gun speed that breaks stone. Unlike Black which darkens the sky a bit.
  • Peach - Gets a boombox, turns into Cadence and break dances after hitting the ground, moving away materials.
  • Red - Gets the pigs' attention. The pigs leave the fortress and go toward this blob, but gets defeated.
  • Orange - Similar to Yellow, but has a blue one instead of green.
  • Dark Green - Summons 16 4-leaf clovers from the sky which kills the pigs.
  • Light Blue - Makes the pigs get surprised. The pigs jump, however after landing gets defeated.
  • Lime Green - Gets a cart from Cart Surfer and speeds up. Similar to Lime Green in the real CP.
  • Aqua - Summons water which drowns the pigs and breaks materials. Similar to Teal Bird.
  • Grey - Summons a Japanese straw hat and wears it. However it's eyes get smaller and thinner, gets silver eyebrows and beard, and summons fire at the pigs. However the fire is flushed by itself by summoning water, and water gets frozen by itself summoning snow. Shadows appear which does something similar to Light Blue. Also known as Sensei Color.
  • Gold - Spins which hypnotizes the pigs. The pigs then jump on dizziness and get defeated.
  • Rainbow - Splits into 7 when clicked. All 7 colors that are split from this are Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet.
  • Silver - Brighter than Grey, this shines at the pigs too hard, and splits into the number of pigs without getting seen, and hits each pig.
  • Arctic White - The latest color, this causes a strong blizzard which freezes the pigs.
  • Lavender - Shouts "Vote it!" then turn all pigs into lavender.
  • Maroon - Throws fireballs and moans.


  • Gary the Gadget Guy - Fires tools.
  • Aunt Arctic - Fires pencils that explode in impact.
  • Rookie - Flies upward due to propellor cap's propellor spinning.
  • Dot - Disguises as a pig which snorts really loud that pigs and materials in level are blown away.
  • Darkchime - Lands due to weight and plays the maracas. The 6th shake is shook really hard that pigs and materials in level are blown away. Based on the banned Darkchime.
  • Cadence - Same with Darkchime but instead of plays the maracas breakdances.
  • PH - Fires puffles.
  • Oscarmon - Uses Arctic White and sleds towards the pigs. Based on Oscarmon that wore Arctic White BEFORE it was available.
  • Goodjake - Parachutes using his umbrella hat, gets Red Hiking Boots and kills the pigs using his boots' spikes. Based on the banned-forever Goodjake.
  • Chrisdog93 - shows an image (.gif) of a blue penguin dancing with a newspaper, a purple penguin asking him how to, and the blue penguin tricking her (cut to make the pigs stay). Then the pigs fall for it. They press Alt + F4 and vanish. Helmet Pig and King Pig don't get affected (they know they are tricked). Based on Chrisdog93.
  • Mimo777 - throws paper stars with cheats listed on it. Based on Mimo777.
  • Walden0872 - Fires headphone boomerang.
  • Rocky - Sings Shake It Up! theme song loudly, causing pigs to be blown away. (See Rocky on Club Penguin Wiki)
  • Businesmoose - Brings computer to kill all pigs.
  • Oscar One - Throws Coca-Cola cans.
  • Klumpsfunny1 - Uses ghost form to kill all pigs.
  • Tazboi - Fires pie to kill all pigs.