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Angry Birds: Colour Portal is just a Fan made Idea of a new game.


The Birds take a vacation to Rio. The pigs ae stealing the eggs but a candy monste apeas and sucks the pigs in a portal. Its been 3 months and the bids rurturn. They are sucked in the same portal as the pigs. The Birds and The Pigs have to team up to survive the new colour world and destroy the candy monster (whos name is juub). After they deafeat juub The birds and the pigs celebate.


Ruturning Birds[]

Red - Red Bird - No abilitys

Chuck - Yellow Bird - When tapped Chuck gets a burst of speed

Bomb - Black Bid - When tapped Bomb explodes

Jay, Jake, Jim - Blue bird - When tapped Jay. Jake, and Jim split into 3

Matilda - White Bird - When tapped Matilda lanches a egg

Terrance - Big Brother Bird - Has more power than Red

AI Boomerang - Boomerang bird - When tapped it goes back like a boomerang

Bubbles - Orange Bird - When tapped Bubbles burst up like a balloon

Stella - Pink Bird - When tapped Stella ceates bubbles around her and if it touches a enemy the enemy will explode