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Angry Birds Dans Spirit takes AB to a dark level. It has all of your favorite birds from the original game and adds new ones,same with the enemies. The plot is a dog/wolf Sonic like character died, his spirit lived on but he was evil. Dan was called the Axe Murder because he killed people in their sleep and brought axes and scythes with him. He is trying to get the baddest villians he can to use them,but then kill them when he is done. He is also trying to steal souls and bodies and use them. He had gotten a couple of birds, and now the others want revenge. There are no pigs because they all died. The sequel after AB DS is Return of Dan's Spirit.

The Birds.[]

These are both the playable and cutscene birds. And unlockable ones.

Red- The average one, the first one that everyone knows.

Blue- This guy is a icepicker, he can split into two more giving you three.

Yellow- Mangled by the yellow triangle! He might be as fast as a cheetah with the boost,but what about with a race with Sonic?

Black- Y U NO HAVE BOMB?!? It explodes after a few seconds,or you can tap and have it automatically explode.

White- Scrambled eggs. It drops an egg that explodes when it hits something.

Green- Maybe I'm an Aussie? He is like a living boomerang.

Big Bro- The big guns. Ten times the power of the red bird.

Orange- Candy craver!!!! He pops like a balloon.

Cyan- Lazer, like from Sonic Colors.UNLOCK cost 0.99

Bang- A cyan bird who is more green and is in the cutscenes. He acts as a guide aswell.CUTSCENE

Void- A bird who has parts of a straight jacket on him. He is very insaine. And he's half black and half white.CUTSCENE

Razorbeak- A black bird who has three scars on his left eye,one on his beak, and a large one on his back. He is an Anti-Hero.CUTSCENE, playable at certain times.

Ice- VANILLA ICE, ICE BABY! He freezes what he touches, and goes well with the blue bird.UNLOCK cost 0.99

Screech- I lost my hearing!!! A sonic boom can cause earthquakes.UNLOCK cost 0.99

The Enemies.[]

These are the playable,cutscene and boss villians.

Dark blobs- Just easy kill ones.

Dark shooters- Don't touch the black poison balls!

Dark rollers- Spindash, but deadly.

Dark ninjas- Silent, and very deadly.

Sealkadoom (say: seel-Ka-doom)- A white penguin with a tux, black hat, white shoes, and a deadly attitude.BOSS

Dark Warrior- Ancient people from the roman times.

Dark Millitary-