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Angry Birds: Defend our Eggs is a tower defense game developed by Rovio Entertainment and Popcap Games. The game features the Angry Birds defending the eggs on Piggy Island and the surrounding islands from the pigs. It was made for Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, and an HD version for the iPad. It will also (probably) be available for the Nintendo Switch.

Team Members


The Flock are gathering resources, and try to decide on what to do with them. The Blues get excited and do random stuff with them, one of them builds a miniature slingshot, and opens a bag of sunflower seeds and uses a seed to fling at Red, who was annoyed because of this. Suddenly, a sounder of pigs march towards Cobalt Plateaus, which has got Red's attention. Red grabbed the Blues' miniature slingshot and fires a seed at the pig. The pig paused for a second and gave out a loud overreacted scream. Red, satisfied about this, asks The Blues to make more slingshots, the screen zooms into Red's face as he makes a determined grin. The tutorial then begin.

Soon the birds realize that the pigs are getting their snouts all around the island. The birds have to quickly gather all their buddies around the island (captured by the pigs) to defend the island from them.


This is a tower defense game, but more of a Plants Vs. Zombies style tower defense game than a Bloons Tower Defense style game. You place birds (towers) down who fight the pigs trying to make it to the egg zone and get your eggs. If a pig makes it here, something undecided will happen.

  • 1: The pig will get to the eggs, and you lose.
  • 2: The pig will take the eggs and try to exit the map by going in the reverse direction it went it. If it exits the screen you lose. If you defeat the Egg Carrier, he/she will drop the egg and it will roll back to the nest unless there is a pig behind the carrier. Then he will pick up the egg.

There is also an overworld map. In this place, you can tap to go to a certain place or level. There are also enemies. If you touch them, you will play a Mini-Level. It is optional, but will give you XP if completed. The battleground generation is random everytime, this means that levels will be different every time, with similar elements.

There is a super seed bar that appears at the bottom of the screen, and it can be filled by popping pigs. Once it is full, you may use the super seeds on a bird, allowing it to activate their "super" ability, a temporary ability that can be used for crowd controlling.

Birds (Towers)

Towers are the first and primary tools that you get in your battle to fight the pigs.

Bird (Tower) Name Ability HP Damage Cost (in seeds)
RedSlingshotDOECL2000 Red Normal: Uses a seed slingshot, that shoots one seed every 1.3 seconds. and with upgrades he can send out shockwaves every 2.5 seconds,

Super: Red Fury - Red gets extremely mad, gets a boost in range and health, and attacks faster for 10 seconds.

25 2 (Level 1), 3 (Level 2), 7 (Level 3) 100
TheBluesSlingshotDOECL2000 The Blues Normal: Fires three seeds at once on level 1, but on Level 2, they fire 5 seeds at once, and on Level 3, they fire 10 seeds at once.

Super: Triple Threat - They each shoot seeds very rapidly (Not as fast as Chuck, though), each aiming for the three strongest pigs on the battlefield.

10 1 (per seed)

2 (Level 2) 3 (Level 3)

Chuck DOE
Chuck Normal: Fires a seed every 1 second, on Level 2, he does this every 0.5 seconds, and on level 3, he does this every 0.2 seconds.

Super: Speed of Light - Chuck attacks so fast his attacks can set enemies on fire, doing constant damage.

30 1 (Level 1)

2 (Level 2 onwards)

Bomb DOE
Bomb Normal: Fires a bomb every 3.5 seconds, these explode in a 3×3 radius, dealing splash damage on Level 1. On Level 2, they explode in a 3×5 radius. On Level 3, they explode in a 5×5 radius.

Super: Big Boom - Bomb gains a cannon and hops into it, and shoots up shooting cannonballs everywhere.

35 5 (direct hit)

3 (splash damage radius)

Matilda DOE-0
Matilda Normal: Matilda creates a music note every 6 seconds, healing the bird with the lowest HP for 5. On Level 2, she heals for 10 HP, and at Level 3 she heals for 12 and can overheal allies if they are at max health for 15 more health than their normal max health.

Super: Chu Wave - Matilda heals all allies for 5 health every second for 5 seconds (total of 25 HP gained)

25 0 125
Hal Normal: Fires a boomerang every 2.6 seconds, this boomerang moves 3 squares forward before going back to Hal on level 1. On Level 2, it goes forward 5 squares before coming back, and on level 3, it goes forward 7 spaces before coming back.

Super: Tornado Time! - Hal uses his beak to create a tornado for 6 seconds. Pigs inside cannot escape and take crazy damage.

25 5 (Level 1)

6 (Level 2)

8 (Level 3)

+2 damage when the boomerang comes back.

Bubbles DOE
Bubbles Normal: Fires a piece of candy every 2.4 seconds, this piece of candy slows down a pig by 65% on Level 1, 80% on Level 2, and 100% on Level 3. He can heal towers, too.

Super: Inflation Devastation - Bubbles inflates to a massive size, pushing away pigs for no damage. Then he deflates, doing damage in random lanes. While deflating, he spits out exploding candies.

20 2 (Level 1)

3 (Level 2)

4 (Level 3)

Stella DOE
Stella Normal: Encases herself in a 3×5 bubble, this slows down pigs inside of it by 70%. On Level 2, this 3×5 bubble is replaced by a 5x5 bubble, and on level 3, it is replaced by a 5×7 bubble.

Super: Bubble Boom - Every pig on screen becomes encased in bubbles.

30 0 140
Silver DOE
Silver Normal: Silver uses her hammer to pound pigs at a close range every 2 seconds, but has a 1 tile range. At Level 2, she deals 7 damage, and at Level 3, she deals 10 damage.

Super: Looping Legend - Silver ground pounds hardly on the nearest pig,causing hard damage in a 5x5 radius.

35 5 (Level 1)

7 (Level 2)

10 (Level 3)

Plantra DOE
Plantra Normal: Plantra helps you generate seeds, 30 seeds every 10 seconds. At Level 2, she generates them every 8 seconds, and at Level 3, she generates 40 seeds.

Super: Plantra generates 80 seeds at once.

20 0 75
BarryBird Barry Normal: Takes about 10 to 15 seconds to charge up, but when he is ready, he makes a pushing tornado.

Super: Mega-Vacuum - Sucks up a lot of pigs around him, then spins them away at other pigs for great damage. Heavyweights like Big Bork have more resistance to being sucked up.

25 6

8 (when pigs push into others)

SashaBird-0 Sasha Normal: Sasha is a sniper and can shoot pigs from a very long range! The feathers stick onto targets and do some damage, but eventually fall off.

Super: Feather Fury - Shoots a big lump of feathers all at once, and they stick onto a pig, damaging it until it pops. When the pig pops, the feathers spike away for some extra damage.

35 9

1 (Spike damage per sec)

(Image to come) Volt Normal: Volt is a very electric bird. He will try to zap and target the nearest pigs in a 5x5 radius, with a 45% chance of causing chain attacks that zap from one pig to another.

Super: Living the Lightning - Summons a thunderstorm that strikes a lightning bolt on to the strongest pig, causing a shockwave that zaps other pigs at the same time.

35 2 (Level 1)

3 (Level 2) 4 (Level 3)

Icebird DOE
Icebomb Normal: He uses a normal seed slingshot and acts similar to Red, but when touched, he "explodes", plating a 3x3 area with ice. The ice slows down pigs, until they get off it. The ice will melt in 5 seconds upon use, and Icebomb will sleep for 10 seconds and cannot use this ability for a while.

Super: Hoof Freezer - Icebomb freezes all enemies for 10 seconds, and slings snowballs to enemies instead of regular seeds for 15 seconds, slowing them down even after that.

150 2 (Level 1), 3 (Level 2), 7 (Level 3) 150
Blaser DOE
Blazer Normal: Instead of using a regular seed slingshot, Blazer shoots fireballs from his beak every 2 seconds, that burn pigs, damaging them for a short time. He can also send out fire shockwaves every 2.5 seconds and can rarely shoot napalm seeds which do twice the damage using upgrades.

Super: Fiery Fiesta - Blaser blasts fire while dancing in four directions which deal the same damage as the fiery seeds.

35 2 (Level 1), 3 (Level 2), 7 (Level 3) 1 (When burning a pig) 250
PlumPotionDOECL2000 Plum Normal: Plum throws potions that can either make the pig explode after a while, poison a pig, or slow it. He will take a while to brew the potions, however, when he's done, just click on him to use the potion.

Super: Super Science - Plum will literally defy gravity, and splash five potions on five pigs that are nearest to the nest. He will stay in his gravity-defying state for fifteen seconds to avoid pigs but still use his regular ability.

35 25 (Explosive potion level 1), 30 (Explosive potion level 2), 35 (Explosive potion level 3), 1 (Poison potion level 1), 2 (Poison potion level 2), 3 (Poison potion level 3) 275


The pigs are the enemies you fight in this game. If they get to the Eggs, you lose the game, so you must use Birds to defend against the Pigs.

Pig Name Ability HP Damage Per Second Speed Reward (in seeds) upon Defeating
MinionPigToons Minion Pig None, he's just your average pig. 10 5 0.8

squares a second.

Cabbage Pig
Cabbage Pig Cabbage Pig is a more sturdy Minion Pig, with more health due to his cabbage armor. 20 5 0.8 squares a second. 8
Helmet Pig-0
Helmet Head Pig Helmet Heads are very sturdy compared to Minion Pigs, sporting a hard to break helmet. 30 5 0.8 squares a second. 10
Piglet Piglets are small and nimble, but more fragile then your everyday minion. 5 3 1. squares a second. 2
CorporalPigTrainingCL2000 Corporal Pig A bit of a tough pig, has a 25% chance to block attacks. 20 7 5 10
RocketPigCL2000 Jetpack Pig A fast little piggy for you. 10 4 2.9 squares a second. 5
RoguePigCL2000 Rogue Pig Deals more damage compared to a regular pig and is slightly more stealthy. 10 7 0.9 squares a second. 8
HotheadPig2020CL2000 Hothead Pig Explodes in a 3×3 radius when defeated/touches a tower. this explosion deals damage to birds and pigs. Icebomb can extinguish his fire and make him a normal minion pig. 5 20 (in radius) 0.6 squares a second 25
CountPigula2020CL2000 Count Porcula If he touches a tower, the tower turns into a Vampire Pig, if he is defeated, all the vampire pigs turn back into their original bird tower self. 30 Immediately transforms attacked birds into Vampire Pigs 0.5 squares a second. 30
HampirePig2020CL2000 Vampire Pig Acts like a Minion Pig, but slightly slower, cannot turn towers into Vampire Pigs. If defeated, it turns back to its original bird tower self. 10 5 0.6 squares a second. 5
SpringPigCL2000 Spring Pig Can bounce over towers and can deal damage to them if he lands on them. If he lands, he has 5.1 seconds until he jumps again to the second square in front of him. 10 20 (when lands) 0 squares a second. (when preparing for next jump) 2 squares a second. (when jumping). 10
Cowboy Pig (Dave11)-0
Cowboy Pig Walks around quite fast and can deal damage to 2 targets at once, 3 bullets for each. If one is there, they get the full deadly barrage.

P.S. Picture is temporary.

20 3 (per bullet)

Bullets at once: 6

1.7 squares a second. (when moving)

0 squares a second. (when shooting)

(Picture coming) Thief Pig Steals your seeds (what you use to buy towers, which makes sense since the birds shoot seeds) if he reaches the Egg Zone instead of taking the egg unless you have no money. 15 0 2.7 squares a second 20 + all his collected coins.
Atom Pig This pig will grab a bird and take it to him. Wasn't Red just runnin' around, chasing those pigs? Not anymore. Beware- this pig can ruin everything. 24 5 0.7 sqares a second. 40
Fire Pig Shoots bursts of flame doing continuous damage to the birds. Its weaknesses: Water, very slow fire- and chocolate chip cookies. 20 10 (direct hit) 5 (area damage) 2 (Burn damage every 1 second) 0.9 squares a second. 40
NinjaPigCL2000 Ninja Pig Stops and throws shurikens at birds every 4.0 seconds. Has a 25% chance to dodge attacks. 18 6 1.0 squares a second. 30
(Picture coming) Balloon Pig Can fly over obstacles unless his balloon is popped. 10 5 0.9 squares a second. 10
ZombiePigCL2000 Zombie Pig These tall, dark and dead hogs are summoned from graves. If a grave is not destroyed it has a 50% chance of summoning a zombie pig. 10 5 0.5 squares a second. 15
Snowball Thrower Pig Snowball Thrower Pig These pigs can throw snowballs at birds, making them 50% slower for 7.2 seconds. 10 1 1.0 squares a second. 15
Fat Pig Toons (No Clothes) EGP6 Big Bork Walks very slow, but does BIG damage. See that? See how it works? BIG Damage? Not a bird can get past his big lumps of fat. 50 50 0.1 squares a second. 30
DopeOnARope Ropig Jumps down from the sky with a rope tied to him and snatches a bird. Defeat him before he snatches your bird or use Bubbles' special ability to block him off. 10 N/A N/A 5

Slingshot Types

Slingshot Name Rank Score Booster
SlingshotDOECL2000 Wooden Slingshot 1 +0


NPC Name Appearance
Professor Pig Professor Pig makes an appearance in Prof. Pig's Brewery, a place to upgrade spells or powerups. Helps the flock out in the story.
Piggy McCool Piggy McCool makes an appearance at the Market, a place to buy items. He also helps the flock out in the story.
Garretto A Bird who helps upgrade Birds and Weapons. Helps the flock out in the story.
MinionPigToons Minion Pig If they spot you, they will attack, starting a Mini-Level that can be played by choice. They can be talked to in Pig City with Pig Disguise only.
HotheadPig2020CL2000 Hothead Pig Only found in Pig City and can only be talked to with Pig Disguise. Is usually mad because he lost something. If you beat a level and find that item, he will become normal and reward you.


Boss Description Ability 1 Ability 2 Ability 3


100'''' HP

Hambo is King Pig's toughest soldier. Determined to stop the birds from interfering with the King's plans, he will not hesitate to unleash his strongest move, the Pork-chop.


Call to Arms


Hambo is a tough enemy that will try to call in as many strong soldiers as he can. You can't keep him in one place, he will always be moving to use Pork-Chop on the birds or use Camouflage to keep you on your toes.

Found in the Army Camp

Run up to a bird 3 tiles away and bash into them for 6 damage.

Call in 3 Minion Pigs to battle. Hambo will dissapear for 3 seconds, then immediately pop up next to a bird and use Pork-Chop.

Corporal Pig

250'''' HP

Hambo was just a warmup! Corporal Pig is the general and commander of the Pig army. With the strong Pigs of the military at his beck and call, he's no easy swine to beat!

Hats Off to You

Defense Booster


Corporal Pig is a tough swine to beat. He will always try to be defended, by using Hats off to You at a distance, using Defense Booster to make him resistant to attacks, or summoning tough, high health pigs. Defeat his troops quick or he won't hesitate to use Rally and boost their attack power!

Found in the ???

Corporal tosses his helmet in a curve, dealing 8 damage to the first bird hit and 5 to any other birds.

Corporal Pig waits 3 seconds, but afterwards he will reinforce his helmet, giving him a shield that will protect him until destroyed. Corporal Pig will boost the attack power of all pigs in front of him.
Pig Name Ability HP Damage Per Second Speed Reward (in seeds) upon Defeating Boss of…
CorporalPigTrainingCL2000 Corporal Pig A bit of a tough pig, has a 25% chance to block attacks. 100 7 0.6 squares a second. 10 Cobalt Plateaus as a boss,

Many levels afterwards as a normal enemy.

Foreman Pig Boss DOE
Foreman Pig's Slappotron 2000 A strong pig tough as a cinderblock, has a 30% chance to block attacks. Problem, extreme slowness. 200 15 0.3 squares a second. 50 Cobalt Plateaus 2
ABToonsHambo Hambo Can summon troops out of nowhere, and can block attacks 325 19 0.5 squares a second 60 Boot Hamp (upcoming)
Beekeeper Pig (Boss)-0
Beekeeper Pig Summons bee pigs from his hive that stings towers, dealing damage. Can throw honey at bird towers, making them 60% slower for 5.3 seconds. 300 1 0.7 squares a second. 60 Honeybee Hollows (upcoming)
ChefPigToons Chef Pig Can once again summon his own minions (Minion Bakers), he can also throw cake at birds, making them twice as slow, and strong for 4 seconds. 450 5 0.6 squares a second 65 Pig City Bakery (upcoming)
(Picture coming) King Pig's Royal Robuster The final boss of story mode, can summon any non-boss pig out of nowhere, can shoot lasers to damage towers in other lanes, has a freeze ray installed to temporarily stop towers from using their abilities, and immune to spells. 800 30 0.1 squares a second 500 King Pig's Castle (upcoming)


Spells are brewed in the Brewery. If you have the ingredients, why not stop by?

Terence Spell: "Terence will roll round' the track/lane (remember, this is still in development) and crush all pigs in his way!"

The single use spell (well actually, it recharges over time) summons Terence. He rolls down the track/lane and does heavy damage to the pigs, defeating all but the toughest of em'.

Seed Spell: "This strange mixture of soil, water, leaves, and rabbit fur (?) gets you this seed-producing potion.

The Seed Spell increases Seed production by x2 for 12.5 seonds (at level 1)

Hatchling Barrel: "How did these sweet, cute, little BALLS OF DESTRUCTION get inside? All we know is that the pigs will surely get their MIghty Delivery."

The barrel rolls a short distance damaging enemies then out pop a swarm of Hatchlings.

Speed Spell: "When you have the need for speed."

Increases speed by x1.5 for 10 seconds (at level 1).

Rage Chili:

Spell Gallery


Note: in every world, they are actually levels, making it a story game, but when you complete a world, you get to play the world in a freeplay level. Also, the pigs always start on the right hand side of the screen and the base is on the left.

Cobalt Plateaus Cutscenes



Wreck the Pig-Use a hammer to slam on pigs that come out of holes before they get to your house!(No birds)


Events are games you can play of affects that change the game every so often for a limited time.

Town Attack!

Town Attack! is a fun multiplayer mode where you attack people's towns.

In Town Attack, you get to place bird towers in your town to defend against non-boss pighs sent by enemy players. You can only train pigs you have encountered and popped in Story Mode. Basically, you send these pigs to head to a village to steal a fake egg from the center of the town. But there are bird towers, and they like usual, will attack. You don't have to participate in this mode but once you send even one piggy snout over a town's border, you are in. Now, your town can be attacked once you attack. So make the best defense.

  1. Place birds at your base.
2. Train pigs

to raid rivals.

3. Unleash

the porkers!

4. Get sweet

rewards & climb

the leagues!

Time Challenge

You have a limited amount of time to beat an oncoming wave of pigs. You can send waves of pigs early so that you have a lesser time. But don't send too many waves at once if your defenses are weak! The best time against the other players in the leaderboard wins. Everybody gets something, but the top player gets the best reward.

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