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The Pigs accidentally turned on Professor Pig's portal that gave birth to lots of alien, caveman, ice and more pigs. Red needs to call on other Dimensions to destroy their forts!

Angry Birds: Dimensions Merge

Release Date

March 29, 2016




Angry Birds GamerZ Inc.


Angry Birds GamerZ Inc.


Strategy, Combat, Action, RPG


Nefarious Gamers Inc.


Chapter 1- Just Another Sunny Morning- Not![]

Professor Pig introduced a Portal which brings Dimensions so they can exchange their Snouty coins for Dimensional Eggs. He calls it, THE DIMENSIONAL PORTAL PIG. Until...

Two Pigs wandered in Prof.'s Lab one night. They tried to turn on the portal. The next day, they saw lots of weird pigs roaming around.

Then, you play as a bird trying to win the auditions to be the next member of the flock. The trials you need to face are:

  1. Pig Shooting- Keep clicking your mouse on the cardboard pigs.
  2. Bird Race- Keep Pressing Up arrow, while you dodge the obstacles by using left, right and space.
  3. Protect the Eggs- Click on the fake pigs to get rid of them.

Then, you will join the flock, until a Computer comes out. Hypno made this awesome bird-top. The..

Angry Birds Bird-Top!!!!

The AB Dimensionpedia[]

Dimensional Egg- Puts some super taste in your mouth, if you're a pig.

The Dimensional Portal- Summon in some dimensional birds!

A Bird-Top- A laptop for birds.