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Angry Birds: Escape From Piggy Island is an Angry Birds game that is only for PS3, (PlayStation 3), by Sony. The game reveals what the Bad Piggies' island looks like. 

Angry Birds Piggy Island Boxart

The boxart.


Red Bird: Squaks when the screen is tapped.

Blue Bird: Splits into three when the screen is tapped.

Yellow Bird: Speeds up when the screen is tapped.

Black Bird: Blows up when the screen is tapped.

White Bird: Lays egg bomb when the screen is tapped


The Birds are protecting their eggs when suddenly the Mailman Pig delivers thier mail to them. While Tererence, (who does not appear playable), protects the eggs Yellow Bird reads the letter:

Congratulations! You have won a V.I.P trip to the Bahamas!

Your trip includes:

A private summer home to relaxe!

Amazing beach views!


...And it's all free!

So the Birds decide to go, but they forgot to read the bottom:

Only five people aloud.

Red Bird picks the five birds he wants, (which are shown in the Gameplay paragraph), and they hed to the Bahamas. They suddenly realize there was nothing there like they expected, (like a torn down hotel), but then a giant claw pops down and grabs them, (and the egg, which they broght), Yellow Bird sees who is behind the glass of the crane, the pigs! A giant plane, that is green, pops down and picks up the crane. Then the crane hits the ground and a little pig says "Welcome to piggy island!"



Red Bird

Blue Bird

Yellow Bird

Black Bird

White Bird


Mailman Pig

Mechanic Pig

Small Pig

Mediam Pig

Large Pig

Helmet Pig

Moustache Pig

King Pig


1. This one of the first games where pigs use actual words.

2. This is the first Angry Birds game that is only for PS3 (PlayStation 3).

3. This game has water gameplay that is more like Pig Dipper, from Angry Birds Space, than Piglantis, from Angry Birds Seasons, mostly because the pigs can float on the water and they can hold thier breath.

4. This is the second game to have King Pig mode.