Angry Birds: Fruit Ninja

Angry Birds: Fruit Ninja is a upcoming game in the angry birds series. It was created by Rovio and Halfbrick.
Fruit ninja



Red Bird- Screams.

Blue Bird- Splits into three.

Padawan Bird- Attacks like a ninja with weak force, doesn't last too long.

Yellow Bird- Speed boost

Black Bird- Acts as a bomb.

White Bird- Drops a egg bomb.

Ninja Bird- Dodges all matterials and attacks the nearest bird in Angry Birds Rio 2. Dodges all eggs and attacks all fruit in Angry Birds: Fruit Ninja.

Boomerang Bird- Acts as a boomerang.

Big Brother Bird- Moans.

Orange Bird- Inflates

Sensai Bird- Acts all ninja style.

Pig Bird- Snorts


Small Pig

Medium Pig

Large Pig

Giant Pig

Helmet Pig

Mustache Pig

King Pig

Ninja Pig

Red Pig

Pink Pig

Blue Pigs


The game follows the Fruit Ninja style except for a few things. In the bottom right corner there is a picture of one of the birds. Once the bird in the corner is tapped it's ability is activated and a new bird comes. The objective is to slice fruit and if you slice a egg it's game over.
Angry birds fruit ninja gameplay



Classic- A classic game of fruit slicing.

Zen- No eggs + only fruit + two minute time limit = Zen Mode.

Arcade- Has a time limit and three power ups:

  • Freeze- Stops time for ten seconds.
  • Frenzy- Loads of fruit randomly appear.
  • Double- Score is double for 20 seconds.
  • Golden Lemon- Gets a bonus level.


Basic Blade- Unlocked from the start.

Disco Blade- Slice 50 Bananas.

Mr. Sparkle Blade- Slice 3 pineapples in a row in Classic mode.

Eggsolent Blade- Use a Birds ablility 30 times.

Old Glory Blade- Finsih a game with 50 points.

Butterfly Knife Blade- Get a combo with strawberrys 50 times.

Flame Blade- Score a combo after the timer ends in Zen Mode.

Ice Blade- Slice 20 freeze bananas in Arcade Mode.

Feather Blade- Reach 350 points in Classic mode without slicing a egg.

Shadow Blade- Get a score of 250 in Zen Mode upside down.

Nest Blade- Don't miss any fruit in Zen Mode.

Pixel Love Blade- Get 50 combos in Classic Mode.

Piano Blade- Slice 100 criticles.

Bamboo Shoot Blade- Play a full game of Zen Mode everyday for 5 days.

Master's Blade- Get 10,000 points in Classic Mode, Get 1,000 points in Arcade and Zen Mode and unlock all the other blades and backgrounds.


The Pigs are trying to steal the birds eggs and distact them with eggs. The birds found tons and tons of fruit, but most of all, Golden Lemons!

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