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Angry Birds Fruit Ninja is a game where the pigs have started throwing fruit at the birds.


After the pigs were throwing fruit, they threw TNT, and the birds got swords. The birds were chopping the fruit, and the pigs threw eggs. The birds failed to chop eggs. Now, help the birds defeat the pigs by chopping fruit.

Game Modes[]

  • Original - Play through the original game.
  • Pig Ninja - Chop pigs, not fruit.
  • VS Mode - Birds VS pigs, win by beating the pigs' score.
  • VS Mode: Pig Story - Play as the pigs through the VS Mode.
  • Power Mode - You can collect power-ups during the game
  • Shield Mode - Give the pigs a taste of their own medicine!
  • Miss Mode - Try to miss the pig's attacks.
  • Being Watched Mode - A tournament version is here, and the birds and pigs of Angry Birds Island are ready to watch!
  • Original: Experts Only - You need to know this game good to win this.
  • Pig Ninja: Experts Only - More TNT and eggs will fly up, even pigs holding eggs.
  • VS Mode: Experts Only - The pigs' score has become a lot higher. Can you beat it?
  • VS Mode: Expert Pigs Story - You have become better, but the birds got better, too!
  • Power Mode: Experts Only - More useless power-ups will come, and less power-ups come up. You need to be lucky to earn the best power-ups!
  • Shield Mode: Experts Only - The pigs can chop things!
  • Miss Mode: Experts Only - Mastered the Miss Mode? With 3 Stars? Try defeating the experts.
  • Being Watched Mode: Experts Only - If you do bad, you lose birds and pigs. Don't lose the crowd!


  • Timed Sword - Use a locked sword for 10 seconds.
  • Super Seeds - You have a bigger sword to attack with for 15 seconds.
  • Slice Scope - Before hitting, see where you go for 15 seconds!
  • King Slice - Sword can now slice faster, so it looks like it stayed in one place for 15 seconds.
  • Slicequake - Swords fall from the sky once.
  • Unlocker - To have a chance of using this, unlock 10 different swords. Get more of a chance of unlocking a sword.


  • Basic - Just any normal sword!
  • Screamer's Sword - The tiniest scream to give extra points. Unlocked by chopping 10 strawberries in Original Mode.
  • Splitter's Sword - Not just 1 attack, but 3. Unlocked by earning the achievement Shake the Split Power.
  • Fast One's Sword - Your moves are faster than normal. Unlocked by spinning the sword around untill the song You Spin Me Round plays. Note: Spinning on the main menu, and small and big spins count.
  • Boomer Sword - Survives a TNT Box...but not all of them. Unlocked by hitting 5 TNT Boxes.
  • Egg Cutter - Survives an egg, but not all of them. Unlocked by cutting 3 eggs.
  • Back at it Sword - Coming Soon