The Angry Birds just got warped into the future!


The Flock find a portal which warps them to the future! Apparently, Doom Bird caused the portal because of a reaction to the pigs stealing the eggs.


  • Deep in Space
  • Under the Sea
  • Rocket Explorers
  • Smuggler Rocket
  • Science Lab
  • Ninja Temple
  • Army Base
  • Water Fall in Space
  • Zombie Cave
  • Final Frontier
  • Eggstroids(Golden Eggs)

More Coming soon!!! :-D



  • Small pig
  • Big pig
  • Helmet pig
  • Moustashce pig(boss of New Friends)
  • King pig (boss of Deep in space and Final Frontier)
  • Anti Pig (boss of the last eggstroid)
  • Nigel (boss of Smugler Rocket)
  • Fishy Pig (boss of Waterfall in Space and Under the Sea)
  • Zombie Pig King (boss of Zombie Cave)
  • General (partner of Helmet Moustache Pig)
  • Ninja Pig (boss of Ninja Temple)
  • Queen (partner of king in Final Frontier)

Shop: (stars are needed to purchase items)

Mighty Eagle  100 stars

Mighty Dragon 100 stars

Doom Bird 10 stars

Gatling Bird 10 stars

Mix Tool 40 stars

Purple Bird (Redbird07) 10 stars

Time Bird 30 stars

Space Bird Upgrade 50 stars

more coming soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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